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$25.00 to $70.00

Our gunsmiths can customize your Glock Frame to better fit your hand with our wide range of Frame Modifications! Many reductions are also ideal candidates for our Grip Stippling Service.

Please Note the Following:

Finger groove removal not available on Gen 5 models or G43/43x/48

Lead time may vary based on current orders, please contact our custom shop for timeframes. Because this service is performed on the firearm frame, standard handgun shipping rates apply. If you are sending your firearm in to have the frame modifications applied, a member of our Custom Shop team will contact you to explain the process.


Please Also Note: All firearms or frames MUST ship from an FFL. You will be charged our standard $40 FedEx 2-day Firearm Shipping Rate for the return of the weapon to your specified FFL after your order is completed.

For Questions or to Order, please call! 800-601-8273

Finger Groove Removal
This procedure removes the finger grooves making the grip smaller and easier to manage for many shooters. It provides a smooth, even texture that can be stippled or sanded for a unique look and feel.

Finger Groove Deepening
Some shooters prefer deeper finger grooves which effectively reduces the overall size of the grip without losing the signature finger grooves. This procedure deepens the finger grooves — one or any other.

Mag Release Scallop
This procedure provides a small cutout or scallop that enables you to access and engage the magazine release. It's attractive and functional.

Knuckle Cut
The Knuckle Cut provides a place for your middle finger on your primary hand to rest and helps prevent the dreaded finger callous that can happen when shooting a Glock. Also provides a more secure grip and better control of the handgun.

Trigger Undercut
This procedure gives you a place to nestle your index finger on your support hand. It, too, provides a more secure grip and better control of the handgun.

Palm Swell Reduction
The Glock is known for the distinctive grip with a distinctive palm swell. Some shooters find this palm swell to be too large and it interferes with their ability to properly grip the handgun. This procedure reduces the size of the palm swell. Paired with the Finger Groove Removal, we can significantly reduce the overall size of the Glock grip while still maintaining structural integrity.

Custom frame modifications available upon request. Please email customgunshop@glockstore.com for pricing and inquiries.

Please Note: You will be charged our standard $40 FedEx Overnight Firearm Shipping Rate for the return of the weapon to your specified address.

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Finger Grove saved my G43


Couldn't be happier with this upgrade. I considered selling my G43 because I couldn't fire more than 20 to 30 rounds without pain to my middle finger knuckle. Once again....way to go Lenny and the guys and gals at the GS. With shipping this isn't a cheap process but I would do it again without hesitation. Have them install a Pyramid trigger while its there. Can't go wrong!