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Satin Gold Titanium Nitride Refinish

$15.00 to $105.00
SKU: 9016
Here's a way to customize your Glock and make it unique and exciting. Titanium nitride is most frequently used ceramic coating on machine tools, and offers outstanding durability. Bright gold in color, it is often applied where both wear resistance and appearance are important.
It's currently available for your slide and barrel each.

Color Range: Dark gold, variable to light gold or even silver (SLP)
Thickness Range: 1 to 5 microns (~0.00004 to 0.0002”)
Hardness: 2200 to 2400 Hv (Vickers hardness)
Maximum Operating Temperature: 600º C (1100º F)
Lubricity: 0.5 coefficient of friction
Deposition Temperature: 350 to 500º C
Thermal Conductivity: Low
Wear Resistance: Excellent

Please Note: If your customization order involves an entire gun, or gun frame, you will be charged the standard UPS-2 Day Firearm Shipping Rate for the return of the weapon to your specified address.

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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G-26, Gen 4 slide done in Gold Titanium Nitrate


I sent in my G26 slide and had my name engraved on the right side. GS then applied the Gold Titanium Nitride high polished finish. It looks beautiful. I have had more compliments on the new look. I also bought the gold pins and trigger which just added to a fantastic look. GS did a perfect job and the parts fit perfect. I will definitely send my other Glocks in for customizing now that I have seen what a terrific result they produce. Keep up the good work.

Mike Riley
Buckeye, Arizona



Its a beauty would definitely reccomend