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Ghost Rocket 3.5lb Connector for Glock

SKU: 2139
The Ghost Rocket 3.5lb connector is designed with an oversizeed over-travel stop tab that must be filed down to fit your particular Glock. 

This "gunsmithing" allows you to set the break over-travel to your specifications. This part gives you more control over how the trigger feels. It does require that you file the tab down with a metal file.

However, it will allow you to customize your trigger and make your Glock exactly as you desire.

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Ghost Rocket 3.5lb connector


I avoided glocks for years because I hated the factory triggers...way to sloppy compared to my 1911s. Finally broke down and got a gen 3 g26. Installed this, which was very easy to complete. It eliminated the overtravel and shorten the take up! LOVE IT! Actually thought about buying a couple extra incase I ever buy another glock...

Stock to Super for $30


I just installed my fourth rocket connector in a new poly80 serialized frame I am building the other 3 are stock Glock lowers. I believe I have just saved $150 on a complete trigger assembly this thing is amazing it turned out the best yet. little or no over travel so no need for adjustable one and the reset really crisp and very short. I am so glad I bought this before I ordered a complete assembly

3.5 ghost rocket trigger connector


The first thing that comes to mind is wow!! After fitting the connector to my Glock 23 gen 3 and dry firing first thing I noticed was there was absolutely no over travel. Second thing I noticed was the super fast and crisp reset. As soon as I let the trigger move forward it instantly resets maybe a quarter of an inch if that.Very very fast and crisp reset. Still had a little more pre travel then I wanted so I bought a zev tech adjustable fulcrum trigger which came with a zev tech polished trigger bar. I was able to adjust the pre travel to about a quarter of an inch before the trigger is at the point of fire or break. People at the range who have complained about the stock feel of a Glock trigger are amazed when they shoot my gun.

Just wanted you to know


The review I wrote was before Glock store offered the pyramid triggers and double diamond connectors.