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Ghost Rocket 3.5lb Connector for Glock

SKU: 2139
The Ghost Rocket 3.5lb connector is designed with an oversizeed over-travel stop tab that must be filed down to fit your particular Glock. 

This "gunsmithing" allows you to set the break over-travel to your specifications. This part gives you more control over how the trigger feels. It does require that you file the tab down with a metal file.

However, it will allow you to customize your trigger and make your Glock exactly as you desire.

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Ghost Rocket 3.5lb connector


I avoided glocks for years because I hated the factory triggers...way to sloppy compared to my 1911s. Finally broke down and got a gen 3 g26. Installed this, which was very easy to complete. It eliminated the overtravel and shorten the take up! LOVE IT! Actually thought about buying a couple extra incase I ever buy another glock...