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Ghost Ultimate 3.5 Connector (drop-in)

SKU: 2085
The Ghost Ultimate 3.5 connector is designed and manufactured to exacting tolerances and is polished to ensure the smoothest trigger function possible.

Ghost's 3.5 lb connector provides a slightly shorter and crisper trigger break with a positive reset. Reduces the factory trigger from 5.5lbs to 3.5lbs.

No more mushy feeling Glock triggers. Drop in part, no gunsmithing required.

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I cant own a glock without one of these installed now!


I purchased a couple of these for a Glock 35 and a Glock 27 a while back. I loved them so much that every time I got a new glock I would buy a new 3.5lb connector for it. I shoot pop cans from 15 feet out to 50 yards.
Glocks stock trigger is around 5.5 to 6 lbs. While its and ok trigger for self defense, it makes target shooting kinda rough. My hands shake pulling that much pressure to set the trigger off. The trigger is just too heavy for target shooting.
I feel quite a bit more accurate with the Ghost connector installed. Trigger is lighter and smoother.
I tried the double diamond as well. Its lighter too but it feels like there is more travel before the round goes off. Not sure, I will have to try them both side by side.

Works exactly as advertised! Easy invisible upgrade!

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To put it blunty, this is a straight up upgrade to reduce the force needed to "break" the sear by a significant margin.

This part effects no other portion of the trigger pull, so you still get that bit of travel into the "wall" at about a little more than 1.5-2ish pounds of force, as you would experience with a stock trigger pull. But after that point, the "break" happens with only a little more force than is needed to push the trigger backwards.

I was already content with the 5lb disconnector that comes stock with my Glock Gen 3, but this doodad does a great job at improving the feel of the trigger as a whole.

I think its greatest advantage is that the upgrade to improve the user experience is internal, so it looks just like it is stock. Plus, it's at a very competitive price.