Glock 27 - .40S&W

SKU: 7022-GEN3-9R
The G27 is the Mini or Sub-Compact .40 caliber handgun.

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The G27 is the Mini or Sub-Compact .40 caliber handgun. Small, light, accurate and powerful: The GLOCK 27 is the backup weapon for all situations. Because of its comfortable dimensions and the known advantages of the GLOCK pistol family it is very popular with police on patrol duty, which is why many law enforcement agencies issue this subcompact .40 pistol also as an official backup pistol.

Gen 3 models come with two 9-round magazines.
Gen 4 models come with three 9-round magazines.
Gen 4 models cannot be sold into California expect to qualified Law Enforcement personnel.

Length: 6.29 inches
Height: 4.17 inches
Width: 1.18 inches
Barrel Length: 3.46 inches
Weight: 19.75 oz unloaded

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Perfect for concealment carry.


This is my 3rd. Glock and like the others it's very accurate and dependable.
I had a sig P 938 9 mm the trigger pull was just awful and I personally was not very accurate with it. I also have 2 sig p 238 in 380 auto again nice gun but not very accurate. The frame was also on the skinny side so after 100 rounds at the range my hand was fatigued somewhat. The Glock 27 is a better choice 1 st. it's almost the same size as the p 938, so it's really compact. 2nd it's 40 cal not 9 mm, 3rd it's magazine holds 9+1 Vs 6+1 4th I can use my 15 round magazines pre loaded at home not to waste range time reloading. Most of all This gun is very accurate at 7 yards I can put 15 shots in a 3 inch circle, plus after 100 rounds no hand fatigue. I purchased the Glock G 27 Gen 3.

40 cal a must, great gun


Light, easy conceal. Highly recommend the extended mag for you pinky finger, because my ring finger fatigues after the fourth magazine rounds. It might have less fatigue with gen 4 w/+4 grip, which is my next investment.

My all time favorite!


Being a retired LEO, I own several guns (most of them Glocks). This is my most favorite gun of all time for conceal carry. The .40 caliber gets the job done and the pistol shoots without missing a beat. I've shot SMJ and Hallow points through it with no problem. At the range, this little gun outshoots my more expensive Kimber 1911 .45. What I mean by this is my Kimber has a real problem with feed jamming. The manual safety is too close to the hand grip causing any accidental brushing of the thumb against it to unintentionally engage the safety. These problems cause failures in shooting a quick live-fire sequence. Whereas, my Glock 27 has never jammed or failed in a live-fire situation. I can keep firing while someone else is busy fixing their problems with other guns. I've come to trust this gun with my life! This is something I really can't say about many other guns!

Small but pretty effective


Crimson Trace makes grips for the G. 27 and shooting Hornady Critical Defense ammo mine groups 2" at seven yards . Good luck bad guys !

Compact with a Big Bang!!


I purchased GLOCK 27 for off duty concealed carry. Since it is a small firearm packing with 40 cal punches, you can definitely feel the recoil. With practice and repetition, the recoil is manageable. I installed a small SIG Romeo RDS on my G27, and I find it to be much easier to reacquire the target after each shot. From my own experience with this gun, I recommend this set up if you have problems with recoil management (target acquisition because of the recoil). For me, this gun is suitable for close combat application (self defense situation) with just point and shoot, but if I have a bit of distance between me and the target, the red dot definitely comes in handy with target acquisition under a stressful situation. Aside from that, it is an awesome gun.