Glock 30S - .45ACP

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Built on the G30 SF frame, the G30S combines the full capacity .45 Auto round count with a slimmer slide.

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Built on the G30 SF frame, the G30S combines the full capacity .45 Auto round count with a slimmer slide. This pistol offers a lighter, more easily concealable option for Law Enforcement and legal concealed-carry enthusiasts. Built in conjunction with elite law enforcement, the newest edition to the GLOCK product line brings a venerable history of consistency, dependability and safe performance in the powerful .45 Auto round.

Standard models come with two 10-round magazines.

Length: 6.97 inches
Height: 4.8 inches
Width: 1.28 inches
Barrel Length: 3.78 inches
Weight: 20.28 oz unloaded

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Firearms must be shipped via Fedex Overnight, to your selected FFL. This is a flat rate, $40 charge.

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The Nonpareil


In my opinion the Glock 30s is unparalleled in the task for which it was designed. It carries beautifully concealed and the larger grip allows not only room for more ammo, but assists in recoil management. This is an excellent purchase.



I have large hands, but the 30S with a Pearce grip fits perfectly and gives ultimate power in a small frame!!!! I absolutely love it!

Glock 30S A Good Fit For Concealed Carry


I've fired many Glocks from the "Baby Glock" (G-26 in 9 mm) to the larger Glocks in a large frame and I have found that the G30S in .45 Cal. works well with my hand size. I sometimes use Glock Shooting Gloves and that combination of Glove & Gun makes for some comfortable shooting. Recoil is typical Glock and with the Glock Glove is just makes shooting fun. The only accessories I did to the 30S were practical/functional ones. I did upgrade to the 13 round magazine for more firepower. Added night sights, had the trigger pull reduced which made the gun fire more smoothly. Some accessory parts are just shiny glitz and not worth the money. Best thing is to consult your gunsmith as to what is good and what is not. My gunsmith is a Glock guy start to finish and so far the changes are working. The G30S is a good concealed carry weapon, it has the .45 firepower to be a real man-stopper and is just overall good protection.



I was leary at first but this is my favorite Glock. My daily carry choice is hands down my Glock 30s. It's comfortable to carry all day I forget I'm even carrying. comfortable to shoot, my Gen4 G27 was my choice of carry but now sits as my secondary choice. I love my Glock 30S!

Great gun.


This gun is a great choice for an everyday carry. It's small yet well balanced. I'm a large guy 6'5" medium build. Very easy to conceal and it fits well in my large hands yet my wife and mother can easily control this gun. It is a little jumpy but with a few practice sessions at the range you will be dead on every time. I can consistently get a 4 in grouping at 50yrds with this gun. It's reliable and built well. I have never had a misfeed or jam. I've put over 5000 rounds through the gun. All kinds cheap steel case ammo and higher quality brass rounds. I once fell in the mud and got it covered in sandy muddy slime then had to fire at a coyote, no issues. I never leave home without my Glock. Trust it to protect my family and community 24/7. I highly recommend the 30s for an everyday carry!

Just a ps.


This gun, with a proper holster, will not print. You would think that because of the double stack mag that printing would be an issue, but take my word for it. It isn't.

Little Hands Still Need a Big Gun


I am SO happy with my baby! I've had her a couple of years now, and decided on the 30 because I've always had kind of small hands. This is small enough to fit PERFECTLY for me, but still packs .45 cal power. I highly recommend it for anyone - small, normal, or large hands. :)

The G-30S still rocks!


I have owned 2 - 30S .45 caliber Glock’s over the past 10 years and loved them both. In a moment of weakness I allowed myself to be traded out of the first one. But, I missed it so much, I bought another one. As with the first one, it’s reliable and probably the most accurate pistol I’ve ever shot free-hand with no support. True, I pay more for.45 cal Ammo than 9 mil, but the extra fun is worth it. BTW, regardless of old myths, the .45 recoil is quite manageable, even for my 70+ year old arthritic hands in rapid-fire. Even at my age, I can still produce 2-inch groups at 25 feet. If you can rent one at your range, do so at your own risk, because you may fork over $550 to own a new one, or $375 - $400 for a used 30S, IF you can find one “pre-owned.”

Powerful CW


I used to carry a Glock 19. Now I carry the 30s. It is heavier but with my IWB holster this is a powerful and comfortable carry weapon. I put in a 19lb spring/stainless steel guide rod. It really controls the recoil. It is deadly accurate, and the 230-grain slug dwarfs the 115 grain 9mm. Bad guys beware.

Glad I picked this one!


I really like my G30S... it's a modle 30SF with a slimmer slide (G36 slide) and makes for a really nice little package in 45auto. With a tulster holster it's hardly prints and is great for everyday carry.