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Glock 29 Gen3 SF & 4 10mm

$547.00 to $585.00
SKU: 7023
With reduced dimensions compared with the standard size GLOCK 20, the subcompact GLOCK 29 is also suitable for concealed carry.

Firearms must be shipped via Fedex Overnight, to your selected FFL. This is a flat rate, $40 charge. 
Yes, you can purchase a Glock handgun on this website and have it shipped to a local FFL dealer in your area. Then, you will need to go to that dealer and fulfill the local and state requirements necessary to own a handgun at which time you can take delivery of the gun.

"SF" Short Frame
The circumference of the receiver is reduced at the rear, or "backstrap" of this pistol model, which will appeal to shooters with smaller hands and offer increased comfort and control to all.

Superior versatility in the high-performance caliber 10mm with muzzle velocity approaching 1150 ft/sec. With reduced dimensions compared with the standard size GLOCK 20, the subcompact GLOCK 29SF is also suitable for concealed carry. In addition to the use as backup weapon for hunting, more and more security personnel on patrol duty appreciate the comfortable firing characteristics and the grip ergonomics of the GLOCK 29SF with a standard magazine capacity of 10 rounds.

Standard models come with two 10-round magazines.
California models come with two 10-round magazines.

Length: 6.77 inches
Height: 4.45 inches
Width: 1.27 inches
Barrel Length: 3.78 inches
Weight: 24.69 oz. unloaded

We can and will customize and install parts for you at no charge and ship the gun fully assembled and ready to shoot. Just add the parts to your shopping cart and please make a note in the comments section providing us with any details or special requests.

Please note:
No discounts are available on the purchase of Glock factory handguns. Discounts will only apply to accessories and parts.

Firearms must be shipped via Fedex Overnight, to your selected FFL. This is a flat rate, $40 charge.

Firearm orders generally require 24-48 hours for processing prior to shipping.

Not available for export outside the United States.

NOTE: FFL required for shipment. If you do not have a dealer in mind we can help you find one in your area. If you do have a dealer selected, you must note which FFL will be receiving this item in the Comment box during checkout. Failure to do so could delay your order processing and shipping. If your FFL is not already on file, have them fax a signed copy of their license to 858-569-0505 and include your name and order number on the cover sheet.

Order Online or Call Toll Free: 1-800-601-8273
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29SF Gen3


I have owned this weapon for about 4 years now as my conceal carry, added grip extension to magazine and a few other mods to smooth out the trigger pull and lockup time. I shoot at the range on a regular biases 100 to 200 rounds at a time, have shot 155gr., 165gr. and 180gr. ammo all shot smoothly and accurately with acceptable recoil and no function issues at all. I really like this model for its power and size, I highly recommend it for the person that wants a conceal carry with more punch than a 9mm but smaller then a full size 45. I would recommend if you are interested in purchasing any handgun to find a place you can rent the one you are interested in and test fire it to make sure its the right one for you.

Great accurate gun!


Purchased G29 & found it to be extremely accurate with many groups between 1" to 1.5" at 15 yards. Oddly enough I purchased a slightly longer match barrel yet group sizes only slightly smaller. All in all I'm thrilled with the handling and power afforded by the Glock 29 and the best part is a barrel and magazine change gives me a Glock 30 !

Correction on previous review


I wrote the review about the glock 29 and still love it as my CCW firearm of choice. I do feel obligated however to let everyone know that I was mistaken when I stated that the Glock 29 could be converted to fire the .45 acp like the Glock 30. Though they’re identical in size, only the G30 can be converted to Fire 10mm via an aftermarket barrel and stock magazine change but not the other way around. Sorry for the bad info but all this means is I’m also getting a Glock 30! They’re both great CCW firearms, they just take a little getting used to since they’re slightly on the thick side but they cycle Underwood defensive loads like a champ and who can complain about 1480FPS with 135grain hollow points or 2100 FPS with the public defense Frangible rounds!

A real blast


I purchased the Glock 29 recently. Ammo finally arrived and headed
for the firing range. I used the Pearce grip for the 10 round mag and the
Xgrid for the 15 round magazine. Could not have fit my hand any
better. Recoil was as expected for this size weapon. Amazingly
accurate. Used Blazer 200 grain, 10mm aluminum casings.
Highly recommend this fun and powerful pistol!