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Hogue Handall Beavertail Grip for G42/43

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Hogue HandALL® grip sleeves are scientifically designed and patented with an innovative shape that hugs the contours of your firearm giving them the tightest and most secure fit possible.

Features include: proportioned finger grooves, distinctive cobblestone texture, and ambidextrous palm swells that achieve the ultimate sense of security and comfort with a non-slip surface.

Molded from modern, soft, but durable rubber, HandALL® grip sleeves are easily installed and provide years of dependable service.

Please note: Does not fit the Glock 43X or 48.
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G43 Houge Beavertail Grip Sleeve


The upgrade to the Glock 43 Gen 4 reduced hand acquisition time and significantly improved maneuverability. The installation was simple and quick and fit the frame as advertised like a glove. The additional overall increase in width does not alter the ability to conceal the gun effectively. The quality of the material is easy on the hands yet the stippling effect adds better stability and handling with little effort.

Markat from the mills


Yes I like the new hogue grip for my Glock 43 it was very easy to install less than 2 minutes and way better making it more manageable while shooting I would definitely recommend this to anyone with a 43

Must have grip for your 43


Much needed addition to my Glock. Fits great and easy to install.

Perfect grip for the 43!!!!


This grip changed the 43 allowing me to effectively manage this tiny pistol and made it my EDC. I feel the pistol should come OEM with this grip....it's that good!!! Forget about the hot water to install, use a hair drier and a pair of tight fitting leather gloves to install. You really have to heat this up to get on, so the gloves will help. Without the grip I was pulling left and low. With the grip I'm a dead-shot all the way out to 10 yards. Happy shooting!!

My wife likes it very well.


Ordered this for my wife's G42. The stock texture was causing pain as she has very soft and thin skin. Put the grip in hot water for a few minutes and sprayed with Windex. The grip went on with a little effort, nothing strenuous. Solved the problem for my wife and she likes it. No, she did not want pink as see did not want to bling it up and make it easy to spot if she had to use it. Works very well and would recommend it for everyone. .