LaserMax Sight

$319.00 to $379.95
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$319.00 to $379.95
LaserMax, World's First and Best Internal Laser Sight... replaces the Guide Rod so the laser is always there, ready for you to push the Special Slide Lock to activate the laser. No need for special holsters. 
Available for all Glock model handguns.
If you want the advantages of a Laser sight without the extra bulk of a clip on laser, take a closer look at LaserMax, the world's only totally internal laser sight.

LaserMax increases accuracy and can improve aiming speeds. Its patented design allows you to drop it into place, Replacing the original recoil spring guide rod. LaserMax installs easily by simply field stripping your handgun and replacing the factory guide rod assembly with the LaserMax.

Everything you need is included! The laser beam itself actually pulsates which increases its visibility. This is the state-of-the-art in handgun laser sighting systems. No modifications are necessary to your handgun. It installs in minutes, and it fits in all standard holsters.

This is the top choice of major law enforcement agencies. The LaserMax Sight is activated by pressing a manual switch located on the replacement take down latch. Simply replace the factory slide lock lever (take down lever) with the supplied lever, and it works as an on/off switch by simply pressing it in with your trigger finger. It will stay on until you press it back to the off position once you have finished shooting.

Please read before calling:
LaserMax spring weights are identical to Glock factory standards. Springs are currently not interchangeable for different weights.

Not available for export outside the United States.

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Ratings & Reviews

6 reviews

Way off


Design is pretty good, easy to install, seems of quality build, but....

Laser is about 3.5-4 inches off to the left at about 9 yards and at about 7 yards it's off to the left by about 2.5-3 inches. As far as I can see there is no way to adjust that. Seems a bit low as well but not by much.

It's too bad because I really like the design of the sight, it doesn't add any bulk, but it being this much off doesn't make it really all that useful. Right now I'm struggling if I should try to return it or not. I wish it could be adjusted.

lasermax review from a g22


I purchased a lasermax guide rod laser for my duty weapon several years ago. As stated with others the aiming point was WAY OFF. I contacted lasermax directly and I was told to send the weapon and laser to the mother company and they returned my weapon with a close enough to adjust to point of aim. After it was returned I still use it to this day. Battery life was not an issue. Two thumbs up!



Contrary to another reviewer, I find that my Lasermax Guide Rod laser (pulsing green) is dead on at normal tactical range, and only a tiny amount off at about 20 yards, which is about the maximum I'd personally want to engage a target with using a handgun. Shooting for body mass center, it's well within accuracy needs.

The design is slick, using the slide stop to engage the laser, and most of my Kydex holsters (of which I have a fair quantity/variety) fit snugly enough that it shuts the laser off when I reholster, which is a benefit for me. No special holsters to fit your gun when equipped with a laser is also a BIG plus.

The only downside to me is the way that the battery compartment cap fits using a rubber o-ring and has to be twisted in just right. However, after a few tries, it becomes a little easier to do. Practice makes semi-perfect.

TIP: Buy the batteries off of Amazon or eBay, not a gun site - they're about a quarter of the cost that way (sorry, GS).

Lasermax sight for G30


I bought one of these for my G30. Installation was easy. The laser is dead on to 15 + yards. Just make sure you install it centered in the slide. It's easy to operate from either side. Never had an issue with the battery.
The price is very excessive, but if you want a laser that works with all you existing holsters, this is a good choice.

Magic Bullet used with LaserMax Sight


Some may say its "way off target", but when you use it for close combat it still gets the job Done.
the Magic Bullet and the LaserMax are right next to each other, when i use both. I love how I don't have to buy a new holster just to get a laser added to my gun, that its inside the gun, also the SLIDE LOCK is extended, i asked the glock store and they said it was not, but it is!

The Best


Glock model 35