MCK Gen2

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$99.99 to $179.99 $279.99

The updated Micro Conversion Kit Gen2 for most Gen3, 4, or 5 Glock is here, and it's even more awesome than the last!

Originally designed to improve one-handed shooting, the new MCK features a redesigned brace. This brace not only provides the same stability and security as the last model, it also allows the user to fire the MCK Gen2 while folded and locked!

No disassembly for the kit or your gun is required for installation! The Charging Handle is captured in the MCK for simplicity, and the external Slide Stop Lever buttons have been replaced with a cutout, so you can easily access your Glock Handgun's Slide Stop Lever.

Additionally, the Gen2 rear door extends an additional 15 degrees, making it even more convenient to insert and remove your handgun.

The interior has also been redesigned to accommodate suppressor height sights!

The front Foregrip section now also features a magazine catch to make storage and removal of your extra magazine faster and easier.

Finally, in the biggest update customers have been waiting for, the MCK Gen2 is Suppressor Friendly, and will fit suppressors up to 1.38" in diameter!

Best of all, one MCK will fit multiple Glock models! Just adjust the integrated Barrel Shroud to fit your handgun's slide/barrel length.

Currently Available For:
Glock 17/19/19X/22/23/31/32/45 — Gen 3, 4, and 5

* NOTE: This item DOES NOT fit ANY 80% Frame.

NOTICE: The MCK Stabilizer is not legal for sale in California or Connecticut. Please consult all applicable laws in your state before purchasing.

The MCK Stabilizer is not eligible for standard discounts.

The RONI is well known worldwide as a way to turn your Glock handgun into a carbine.

This updated version of the MCK allows you to take advantage of the performance without registering the unit as a short barreled rifle.

That's right, with the Stabilizer unit there is no paperwork necessary to install and shoot your Glock in the MCK device. The MCK reduces recoil significantly and allows for much better accuracy and faster speeds. We encourage you to watch our videos for installation and shooting instruction.
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Great product.


Great product. Beautiful and functional. Would’ve gave 5 stars but almost cancelled due to shipping but product came quick once shipped. This pandemic is ruining a lot but overall this product is a blast to have. I can’t put it down.

It makes range day even more fun


The MCK v2 is great. It's fun at the range, and surprisingly effective.The metal rail makes the platform great for functional improvements. Several options to select from for the base firearm, so even your brother with a 19 can use it!

Make that Glock a Giant with a few quick snapps!


Have had this conversion kit for about 8 months, I should of waited for gen 2, but the good news is the first gen is a great made item, also has lots of goodies available from my friend here Lenny. They are glad to help answer any questions. Nice pro shooting folks, They are opening a new store in Tennessee too. Also check out Lennys other Glcok parts here too, he has everything, if he doesn't have it yet he will. Shop around, see what you want and come back here to make your purchase, you will not be sorry.

Best bang for the buck !!


I have the Gen 2. I absolutely love it. Its a big hit at the range. I put a Glock 17 in mine with flip up sights and Vortex red dot. Its wicked accurate. Get the thumb rests. Its a nice add on. Just put a tactical light on it also. Going to order another one soon. So much fun and comfortable to shoot. American flag design next time. Well made also

Had to get creative with it


I bought one for mt Glock 26. However nobody told me it would not fit with a polymer 80 frame. So I had to get out my dremel and modify both the frame and MCK to get them to fit. Since I had to do that it only gets 4 stars. You might need to get a bit creative to make it work.

Great Purchase!


After an abortive attempt with the MCK Gen1 version, due to a bad latch release (for which the Glock Store provided a prompt RMA and full refund), I ordered the Gen 2 model. I am VERY happy with this one. When I was setting it up with the accessory kit, I took Lenny's advice from the video to trim down the latch projection. Although I lay no claims to being a competent gunsmith, the judicious application of a coping saw and some sand paper to lop that excess plastic off did the job and no doubt saved the web between my thumb and trigger finger from serious abuse during some extensive range sessions. I have a couple of high-cap 9mm mags that I use in my JR Carbine and they work equally well in the MCK, both installed in my Glock 17 Gen 5 that I dedicated to this platform and in the upgraded mag holder. Now, all I need is the brass catcher, and ... Let's just say the Glock Store regularly makes inroads on my discretionary budget funds.

Gen 2 MCK


this is an awesome product. really shoots well and mounting glock is no problem. Only drawback, it really "dirtys" up your weapon, so be sure to take it out and clean the end of the barrel and slide every so often. I put a red dot on the top and a green laser on the side.

A must have if you own a Glock!


I purchased the MCK Gen2 for my G22 and absolutely loved it. I put flip up iron sights and a 1000 lumen Streamlight with remote switch on it. It was great for next to the bed and with the 9mm conversion barrel & G17 33rd mags it was a blast at the range. Unfortunately unemployment forced me to sell a few "toys" and this setup was one of them. I will be ordering the MCK Gen2 for my G43 very soon!!

Tons of fun


These are so much fun to shoot. Throw a Romeo 5 on top and go nuts. I wasn’t sure I would like it so I bought one for my wife’s G17 Gen 3. I added a 17L barrel for a little velocity and precision boost, and now I’m buying another one for my G20. If you are on the fence and can’t decide if the money is worth it, just do it and play with it you won’t be disappointed.

100% legit piece of hardware.


I've not had the opportunity to handle one of these MCKs before purchasing. So I didn't quite know what to expect when it arrived. I watched many videos before hand, but that's not the same as actually holding one and learning it's functions up close. I'll simply say this, it's a master piece of engineering for the Glock 22 I have. 100% legit piece of hardware.

This item deserves 6 stars to be truthful. There are abundant accessories for it as well. I can only imagine how nice the 3rd generation of these will end up being.

Best purchase I've made in a long time


This thing is incredible. I use it with my Glock 19 Gen4 and right out of the box everything locks in and fits together tight. Shockingly accurate.
The main reason I bought the MCK was because of the extra locking magazine holder but everything else about it is 10/10 as well. With 2 stick mags and 2 Goliath extensions you can carry 100+ rounds just on the gun and kit alone. I'm impressed enough that I'll likely buy 2 more MCK Gen2's this year.
Be sure to read the instructions first and adjust the barrel on the MCK forward if needed so your firearm will fit properly.