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Mag Extension for Glock 43

$19.99 to $49.99
SKU: 1073
The G43 is the most popular Glock for 2016. Now you can improve the grip by adding the GSPC magazine extension for the Glock 43. Extra Power Magazine Spring also available.

Now Available in a Combo pre-installed on a factory magazine. Available in +0, +1, and +2 configurations

It was designed to provide a larger grip yet still maintaining a slim, concealable profile.

Add up to 2 rounds to your Glock 43 magazine!

Please note: Does not fit the Glock 43X or 48.
The new Glock 43 is the perfect concealed carry handgun. Slim, lightweight, low profile and easy to fit next to your body. But these advantages also come with a couple of small disadvantages ... the magazine capacity is only 6 rounds of 9mm and, because of the small size it's somewhat difficult to get a full hand grip on the gun. Remember, accuracy starts with a consistent grip!

Our new magazine extensions solve both of these problems. It's machined in our custom shop in San Diego, CA out of aircraft grade billet aluminum and provides a larger grip with the capacity to hold additional rounds. You'll notice that the part fits the gun perfectly allowing for a full hand grip and, ultimately, better accuracy and control of the gun.

Simple installation — See the Video above!

Available in +0, +1 and +2 in Black or Silver.
• +1 - one extra round - .78" Length x .82 Width
• +2 - two extra rounds - 1.1" Length x .82 Width

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Easy Installation and like the feel


I carry the Glock 43 quite frequently and I was looking for the right extension that allows me to carry a few extra rounds, but also feel comfortable in my hands. These were fairly easy to install using hte video from this page. Newer factory magazines may give you a bit of a hard time, but with a little extra force you are able to remove the bottom plate. I would recommend these to anyone who has hands bigger than what the 43 is made for and to carry a few extra rounds.

Glock 43 +2 magazine extension hits the spot!


I've recently purchased the Glock 43 and I've come to the Glock Store to modify my weapon. One of the modifications is the +2 extension for several magazines. It's a very well made part and once you get it all together, you can feel the quality. It was a little tricky getting the spring insert to seat; however once that was done all you have to do is tighten the screw on the back. Only issue, the new magazine will not seat into your weapon if you've also installed the Grip Frame Insert. I'll take this new +2 extension over the frame insert, but this could be solved by a shorter screw.

G43 2rd ext.


I bought two of the 2rd extensions and love them. Highly suggest this product.

If only that set screw was shorter or went in further...


Using mine with SS80/G43 that has a grip plug insert so at first the black 6-32 screw was hitting plug and no-go. The screw was only seating half way and stopping hard. So, I ordered a 6-32 bottom plug tap and used a pin-vice to hold it to allow tapping set screw hole 3/4 of the way. Be sure to use tap lube or micro dot of gun butter when tapping. Once tapped, the set screw fully seated and with a drop of 222 Loctite and leaving about 2 turns exposed to hold the mag from sliding off, there was sufficient clearance to seat the mag in mag well and lock in. An easy fix and hope GS can tap these deeper during the manufacture process.

Improves Accuracy


Use this on a G43. Got the extra strength spring, too. A trick to get on, but when done it's there to stay. It adds weight. The mag with all 8 feels about as heavy as the rest of the gun. For me that's a good thing. The extra weight in the hand, plus a new tungsten guide rod changes everything about the accuracy of this awesome pistol. I use this setup for plinking at 25 feet. If I carry, I put in the factory Glock extended mag to shed bulk. I am so glad to have the right to shoot guns in America.

Quality product - adds perfect amount of grip to the G 43


Picked one of these up (the +1) and got the silver version but after looking at it wanted black so I got some flat black spray paint and painted it - it looks great now. Relatively easy installation and gives more room on the grip which is huge for the G 43.