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Extended Mag Release Button Glock 43

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It's bigger, better and available in SIX colors!

The Extended Magazine Release for your Glock 43 is machined of Aluminum in the USA. It helps facilitate magazine changes by extending the button just enough to improve the access with your thumb but not too much to interfere with holsters, concealed carry, and everyday use!

Please note: Does not fit the Glock 43X or 48.
For the Extended Magazine Release that fits G43X and G48 go here and here

Need one for a Gen3 or older Glock?
Click here

For Gen4/5 Extended Mag Release,
Click here
The G43 is the second most popular Glock — right behind the G19!

It's lightweight, small, easy to conceal, and it's a soft shooting gun compared to most other smaller 9mm handguns.

We've improved the magazine release button by making it slightly larger and rounded. The extra size helps you reach and depress the button for faster and easier magazine changes. The rounded shape helps maintain a low profile so that it does not interfere with holsters and other concealed carry options. Also notice the serrated thumb pad to facilitate positive engagement.

Made of Aluminium in the USA at the GlockStore machine shop.

Available in Six colors: Black, Gold, Silver, Blue, Red, and Pink!

Installation is quick and easy — watch the video!

It's a perfect way to customize your Glock. Goes great with the Pyramid Trigger.

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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A must upgrade to every Glock 43!


Very precise upgrade to extend your magazine release. The ergonomics is perfect for me, it is out of the way until you need it and a huge improvement whithout being too big.
pePerfect fit,fFast shipping!

Nothing Less than 5 Stars!


I cannot understand why anyone gave this item less than 5 stars. I have tried other after-market mag release extensions on other Glock models, and none works as well as this one. It might not be as pretty as one of those brightly colored ones, but I don't carry my Glock to look pretty. It works great!