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Extended Mag Release Button Glock 43

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It's bigger, better and available in SIX colors! 

The Extended Magazine Release for your Glock 43 is machined of Aluminum in the USA. It helps facilitate magazine changes by extending the button just enough to improve the access with your thumb but not too much to interfere with holsters, Concealed carry and everyday use! 

Please note: Does not fit the Glock 43X or 48.
The G43 is the second most popular Glock - right behind the G19! 

It's lightweight, small, easy to conceal and it's a soft shooting gun compared to most other smaller 9mm handguns. 

We've improved the magazine release button by making it slightly larger and rounded. The extra size helps you reach and depress the button for faster and easier magazine changes. The rounded shape helps maintain a low profile so that it does not interfere with holsters and other concealed carry options. Also notice the serrated thumb pad to facilitate positive engagement. 

Made of Aluminium in the USA at the Glockstore machine shop. 

Available in Six colors: Black, Gold, Silver, Blue, Red, and Pink! 

Installation is quick and easy - watch the video! 

It's a perfect way to customize your Glock. Goes great with the Pyramid Trigger. 

Order Online or Call Toll Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Ratings & Reviews

8 reviews

Glock 43 - Great Product - Extended Mag Release Button


Installed the extended mag release on my Glock 43 yesterday. What a difference. Very little movement (if any) of your hand to release the magazine. This magazine release is a significant improvement over the original mag release on the Glock 43. It is much better than the Tango Down model. Buy it!!!

EXt mag release


Installed one of these today on my wife's G-43. I've carried Glocks on duty for many years, but I am no armorer. Yet, I was able to remove the original release and install this new one in a matter of minutes. With my wife's small hands, she is able to reach and manipulate this release much easier than the original. A definite confidence booster for her (and me). The fact that this is a precision made metal part as opposed to injection molded plastic is also a very big plus. Again, a very affordable upgrade in quality and function

Good news and dimensional issues


OK - I have this installed and my first impression is the button gives you a nice raised area to be able to eject a magazine easily. It also appears the manufacturing tolerances are just slightly different than the stock part. I noticed the button seemed to have some up and down slop once installed in my G43. I checked it with my digital caliper and this part is made 5-10 thousands thinner than the stock release button. This dimensional difference is true on both left and right hand end. So there are some problems. I'm not sure how this will work long term as it could leave the magazine 5-10 thousands below the factory position and this could impact feeding alignment.

Great item


I really like this extended release magazine. I appreciated the video. It was hard for me to install. I had to watch another video to get the ides more clearly. Take the flat head screwdriver and to pop the spring, TWIST the screwdriver. When i heard that more clearly the spring popped and the install went smoother. Still not super easy. End result is great though.

Thank you Glockstore.

Ext mag release


Great product. Much better than the one that came on my pistol.

Works, just loose.


Works and doesn't stick out to far. My only complaint and why I'm only giving it 4 stars is because it fits loosely in the slot and when testing it with out a mag it catches and feels like its grinding. I've put several mags through it and still no problems. Just dont like how loose it fits.

satisfied overall, even though size lacks


as others have stated, it does fit loosely, so there's a little bit of weeble wobble, but it doesn't seem to affect performance. the magazine is still captured and held snugly in place as it should be, so I'm not worried about it.

the only other thing I was worried about was the color matching (I ordered red) the pins, extended slide stop and slide lock as those parts are cerekoted and this piece is anodized, but I'm happy to report that it matches pretty well.

Loose ... and Tight


The "up and down" slight looseness is barely noticeable (but confirmed what other reviews cited). For me, the too "tight" was on the right side arm -- arm thickness catching top right edge of mag on insert. Standard tap easily gets it past the arm, but it sticks out a bit more than OEM part. Did not interfere with mag dropping. Removed the release button and filed bottom portion of right side (so as not to interfere with mag hold) just to bare metal, and beveled the leading edge a bit more. Much smoother mag insert now.
Suggest you test for this tolerance issue BEFORE reinserting the spring rod.
On the plus side it is a definite ease of release enhancement. Great purchase.