NP3 Finish

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NP3 permits firing for longer periods of time between cleaning because dirt and powder residue don't have a wet or oily surface to cling to.
GlockStore Performance & Custom now offers electro-less nickel-based Teflon-like finish for stainless steel slides and other metal parts. NP3 is a very corrosion resistant finish that provides a high lubricity and a low friction co-efficient, greatly reducing friction wear increasing the life expectancy of the firearm.

When cleaning is required, the effort needed is minimal – usually requiring only a soft cloth.

NP3 can also be plated to all metal internal parts giving smoothness to the action not found with any other coating. NP3 is a satin gray, non-reflective color ideal for all firearms. NP3 is also guaranteed against corrosion, peeling, or flaking for the lifetime of the firearm.

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NP3 Finish is Amazing!


I will have to say, I have had quite a bit of custom finish work done over the years, but this was one of the most amazing jobs I have ever seen. The finish is so smooth, so uniform, so even that you have to look closely to tell that is not part of the Slide itself. I had a custom slide with some unique turns and milling, not a problem. Let me also say, give them just a little extra time, be patience, the finished product is worth every cent. I was in a hurry to get mine back and the custom shop and customer service actually were pro's with communications too. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SERVICE.

2nd Time Around


My first slide was a G-17 Custom piece that turned out amazing. This time, I sent in a G-19 Custom Slide to be refinished. Turnaround time was quick. Finish is absolutely flawless. Smooth texture and best uniform coverage I have ever seen. Communications and notifications were excellent when work was finished and unit shipped. I would challenge anybody to find better workmanship and cost on this option for a finish. Worth every cent. The file photo does not do this work justice.

Worth the price.


Just received my two slides and barrels (G42, G43) this morning, and already shot them. NP3 is a great coating. Extremely durable and easy to clean, like a non-stick pan. Had a G27 done by Robar years ago, and the finish is still like new on that one.

It looks AWESOME!!!!


It looks beautiful, the contrast of the NP3 finish with the sights and backplate, and on the frame. It's great!!!! And the customer service is amazing as well!!!!