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Pachmayr Tactical Grip Glove

SKU: 2038
The Slip-On That Fits Like A Glove

Outperforms All Other Slip-On Grips
Grip Gloves are custom molded for each pistol model. Ideal for polymer frame handguns with no replacement grips available. Made from Pachmayr Decelerator material, Grip Gloves deliver enhanced control and will absorb recoil.

The custom fit feels like an extension of your handgun grip. The ultra-soft, ultra-stretchy material makes installation a snap. No trimming, no need for soap and water. Distinctive ventilated side panels and finger grooves provide more instinctive gun orientation and a professional look.

• Tactical Grip Gloves are the only Slip-Ons that "fit like a glove."
• Custom Designed for Each Model
• 8 sizes
• Ventilated Side Panels
• Contoured
• Finger Grooves
• Flexible Ultra-Soft Rubber Technology

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Great grips


Have used Pachmayer rips for years. They are on all my pistols.
Love them on my Glocks.

Pacemaker grip glove


These grips are ok but they will slip a little in warm humid weather. I use freezing spray maximum hold hair spray to help keep them from slipping. Just spray the handle of your handgun and slip the glove on and position it in place and let sit overnight.

Great Product


I love Pachmayr products they are very innovative and practical and never over done.
These are a great product and they do fit well,my only complaint is that they do move around on the Gun quite
a lot. My solution to this is to get the grip in place then take small tabs of double sided 3M tape and peal off one side and lift the grip up just enough to insert the tape then press it onto the pistol frame then peel the top paper away and press the grip onto the tape, I should mention that you should clean with rubbing alcohol first, do this top and bottom on both sides of the pistol grip and the Grip Glove it will stay put!
These Grips will absorb recoil as Nd they feel great in the hand.🇺🇸