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10-day Red Dot Optic Cut Only

$200.00 to $225.00
SKU: 9072
$200.00 to $225.00

This is for the Slide Cut Only - if you need an optic, save money with our Slide Cut & Optic Combo!
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One of the hottest trends in the shooting world are Red Dot Optics. Shooters have quickly adopted this combination as one of the best ways to shoot faster and more accurately.

Now this is great if your Glock is the MOS version… but what if it’s not?

You’re in luck, because you can have your slide precision cut at GS Performance for the exact RDO you want. This results in a lower, more secure, and more accurate mounting method than the universal mounting plate required by the MOS versions.

Here’s what we do:

1.) We precision cut and mill your slide, then protect the bare metal with a Cold Blue coating.

2.) We ship the finished slide back to you… and do it all in 10 days or less.

For complete details on the “10 Day Guarantee,” please refer to the below Additional Information.

Please Note the Following:

If you have a factory MOS, 17L, 24, or 40 slide, some cuts may not be compatible. Please call to verify.

The SCS cut requires suppressor sights to co-witness.

For additional “whole slide” refinishing options, click here. Also note that additional refinishing options will add at least 15 days to the “Cuts Only” Ten Day Guarantee turn around time.

Here’s how it works.

Purchase the Red Dot Optic Cut. Mail your slide, stripped or not, with the sales order number, to:

GS Performance
Custom Shop / Slide Cuts
1930 Air Lane Drive
Nashville, TN 37210

If you also need the Red Dot Optic, please go to the Red Dot Optic/ Slide Cut Combo for significant additional savings.

If you have your Red dot Optic already, include it, with all mounting hardware and instructions, with the slide.

Once we get it, and open the package, the days start ticking and we’ll have it cut, mounted, “fit-tested,” and on it’s way back to you in 10 days… or less.*

NOTE: You MUST include your sales order number with your slide. Slides received WITHOUT a Sales Order number will be returned at the customers expense.

Don't see your Red Dot Optic? Your model may have the same footprint as one of the listed options.

For example, the Trijicon RMR Cut also fits the Holosun 507C. Click here to see which cuts will fit your RDO.


1.) No Co-witness removes the rear sight dovetail and allows the optic to sit further back on the slide.

2.) Co-witness maintains the original dovetail cut to allow for iron sights to coincide with the dot in your optic. This option is not available for some optics due to size constraints.

3.) If you have aftermarket rear sights on your Glock, they may need to be removed before cutting. Any removed sights will be returned to you when we ship your slide.

4.) Due to tight turnarounds and tracking methods, Optic Cuts cancelled after we receive the slide are subject to up to a 10% Schedule & Handling fee. Once machining has started, Optic Cuts are Non-Refundable.

For more details on specific RDOs to fit your gun, and budget, please send your inquiries through the Contact Us page or call us at (800) 601-8273.

Check Out Our Optic Gallery to to see the options available with different optics and suppressor height sights: Click Here

The world's best competition handgun shooters know that to be competitive you've got to have the best equipment. And, most know that the best sight for competition is a Red Dot Optic sight.

These systems project a red dot or reticle into the glass and allow the shooter to pick up the sight faster and hence, shoot more accurately with faster times. It's really quite simple; instead of lining up the front and rear sight on a traditional iron sight, one just puts the red dot optic onto the target and squeezes the trigger.

Also, make sure to select the Co-Witness option if desired and then add the suppressor sights to your cart. We'll install them as well as the Red Dot optic at no extra charge! Suppressor sights can be found in our Sights category and have “Suppressor” in their name.

10 Day Guarantee

“10 Day Period” starts when we have received and opened your package in our Nashville location.

Days are defined as GlockStore Business days, Monday thru Friday.

NOTE: Return shipping time is NOT included in the 10 Day guarantee.

Red Dot Optics supplied by the customer must be in “ready to install” condition, with all necessary hardware, to qualify for the “10 Day Guarantee.”

Sales Order number MUST accompany the slide to qualify for the “10 Day Guarantee.”

The Guarantee is only our promise to get this done in 10-Days or Less. There is no cash value to The Guarantee.

*RDO Slide Cut is valued at $150.

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273

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Glock 20 Red Dot Optic Cut and Cerakote


Well, got a slide cut for my Glock 20 that didn't have one from the factory, Cerakote in Socom Blue. Came out very, very nice. Vortex Viper fit on it perfectly, and co-witnesses perfectly with my raised sights. Very happy with the work done and outcome. Lubed the slide rails after I got slide put back together. Slide operates perfectly. Thanks Lenny, Guys.



Called to set up a work order and the customer service was excellent. Shipped out that day and they cut my slide, finished the bare metal and mounted my Viper to the slide then returned it to me in just under 2 weeks. Very impressive.



Awesome job and great addition to my 19x .
Also super fast a week earlier than I expected you guys are awesome !!!

Highly Recommended!


Excellent work and I had my slide back in 7 working days! These other companies who take MONTHS to get your slide back to you had better take notice. I will be sending more slides to Lenny and the crew at Glockstore!

Great job on the slide cut


Turn around on the slide cut was barely a week, certainly less than 10 days. Work was great, optic fit was perfect. Thanks y'all.

Absolutely perfect highly recommend to anyone!


I just had my 19X cut for a 507C and I and very happy with the work. I can't believe how precise and flawless the work is. You would think that it was milled like that from the Glock factory. If fact I wish I had not gotten the 17 & 19 MOS versions and just the Glock Store cut them that way I wouldn't have needed silly plates. If you are thinking about a MOS Glock don't waste the extra money just have the Glock Store do the cut for your optic.

Very Impressed


Sent my Glock 17 slide in with a Vortex Viper red dot. They had it cut, mounted and sent back to me in less than 10 days. Very happy with the results. Red dot was zeroed in. Quality job. I'm going to have my Glock 22 cut next.

I trust Glock Store.


I love my guns and I was nervous sending my favorite one out to be milled down. Well Glock Store eased my mind the moment I received my slide back. They milled my Gen 5 Glock 19 for an RMS and did a fantastic job. I put the new sight on the moment I got it back and it fit like a glove and not OJs. The finish and fit were great. I didn't find any metal shavings and the threads were perfect as well. I highly recommend using Glock Store for slide work and I can't wait to send in my 43. Turn around time was quick. From the day I mailed it out to the day it arrived back to me was roughly 2 weeks.

Clean cut and fast shipping


They sent back my slide in 5 days!! Also the cut for my viper venom is perfect! I highly recommend it. They do a great job

Couldn't be happier


Excellent work adding my red dot and suppressor-height sights of choice to my Glock 30 slide! Came back in less than 10 days from receipt!



Thank you Lenny and his crew slide cut for 43X,Holosun 507K excellent.

Ok... Here's the truth about the "10-Day Red Dot Optic Cut"


My Glock Slide was received by the Glock Store on October 13th and I was immediately notified that they were starting the process. I received notification at mid-day on October 18 that the work was completed and that my slide had been shipped back to me.

Shipped from me to the GS on October 11th
Received by the GS on October 13th
Shipped from the GS on October 18th
Received at my home address before noon October 20th

Including shipping time that is a 9 day turn around time!!!

They even mounted my previously owned red dot optic for me. After I put everything back together I put my bore-sighting laser in and found everything was perfectly aligned at 7, 10 and 15 yards. I will take it to the range for a complete check out, but at this point I am confident that there will be no issues.

What??? A company that exceeds the customer’s expectations??? That’s crazy!!!

I strongly recommend the Glock Store if you are looking for the same or similar work for your pistol.

high rated optics cut


I drop my G29 slide off instead of shipping it since I was in the area working with my optics they had it ship and done under 7 days great work looks great just like the mos version on the glock 17

5 Day door to door service!


My Glock 48 slide and Holosun 407k-gr-x2 arrived at your shop on Sunday, October 30, 2022. Signed receipt sent to me showing it got there. I got a Fulfillment Notice on Tuesday November 1, 2022. It said FedEx would have it delivered to me by November 3, 2022. 5 days! Talk about service! I asked to have the metal treated with bluing and to mount my optic. It looks like the slide and optic were cut from one piece of bar stock! PERFECT! Great service and work. Would use them again for this custom work. Lenny and gang, thank you! I’ll tell everyone! Lou Esposito

Gunsmith work and great customer service


I had the Glock Store optic cut my Glock 48. They did and mounted my Holosun 407k-gr-x2. The work was perfect! I didn’t select the Glock Store to do the work because of their “10 days or less” promise but because of their reputation. I wanted the work done right. They did that in spades! My slide and optic got to their shop on Saturday October 29th. I had it back on November 3rd. Unbelievable, to say the least. If you want great service and the best attention to details, call the Glock Store. You will be pleased. Lenny, tell the Custom Shop Gang they are great!

Improve your vision!


10 days? Really? I got my slide (G48) cut for a Holosun 407k-gr-x2 by the Glock Custom Shop. From the day they received it to the day I got it back was 6 days! The work looks like it came from Gaston’s personal shop! I had the Custom Shop mount my optic and that too, looked like the slide and optic were cut from the same hunk of bar stock. I retired after 39 years in Law Enforcement and I know the importance of accuracy. If you can’t see your sights like you could before, send your slide and optic to the Custom Shop. Train and practice with the optic and you will have younger eyes overnight! Great job boys! Thanks

Professional service for a serving professional


I sent in my slide for my duty-use Glock 19 with RMR cut. I wanted to use the CH Precision BUIS with the "low witness." I called Glockstore and sent them a photo (same on CH Precision's website.) The team took care of me and they milled my slide for the RMR. I put the sights on after I got it 8 DAYS later and it performs flawlessly.

I will say despite what Glockstore says, per TRIJICON you need to run a sealer plate on the RMR. If you look closely you can see the rubber gaskets exposed and they will warp over time. The sealer plate will mitigate the issue and won't raise the optic if you have low sights.




Okay. I was skeptical about having someone cut my slide on my new G19X but I wanted a red dot optic on it. The Holosun SCS. So I read up a lot on GS doing the job. So I finally pulled the trigger and sent it to them. Co witness with a Holosun SCS. They guaranteed a 10 day turnaround on the job. Read all the info to fully understand the 10 day turnaround.
GS received my slide on a Thursday and I got an email from them stating they had started on it the same day they received it. GREAT. I had the slide back in my hands 8 days after that. GREAT TURNAROUND. And the cut looked as if it was an original MOS from Glock. Lenny and the gang did a GREAT job on my slide. They are the go to for anything Glock. I could not be happier.

Look nowhere else for your Glock needs, optic cut services. Highly recommend


Beautifully cut, blued. Precise and punctual slide cut service, provided by a bunch of overachievers at GlockStore. Unbelievably short turn-around time of merely less than a week, and I mean including shipping back and having delivered to my front door. I cannot imagine going to anybody else for your optic cut service at this point, given you've come across this website run by these nice competent professional folks here at GS, and read this candid review of mine as a genuine first-time customer.

Excellent service


Got it for g19 with the scs holosun fit perfect and also quick delivery and great customer service.

On time and it's much more reliable than a new slide.


I'm very pleased with my recent g26 slide cut. I've concluded it is much more reliable to have your existing Glock slide cut for a RMR instead of purchasing a new slide and parts. I'm impressed wth the outstanding attention to details and GS Customer Service. Very happy that I chose Glock Store.

Outstanding Product and Fast Service


Exactly 10 business days after the Glockstore received my Glock 30s slide and my Shield RMS2 Optic, the finished product was delivered by FedEx to my front door. The optic is expertly iinstalled in the seamless cut and it perfectly co-witnesses with the standard-height sights. I highly recommend this Glockstore service.

Glock 48 Non-MOS Slide Combat Cut


If you have a standard Glock 48 and non-MOS slide - I recommend getting the "Combat Cut".
In less than 10 days my Glock 48 slide was returned to me.
Combat Cut
Installed Holosun EPS Carry
and Ameriglo GL-329 sights (for 1/3 co-witness).
I think it would also work well on a Glock 43X non-MOS slide.

Glock 17 Gen 3


Glockstore recieved my slide on the 31st of July and it was back in my possession August 11th, after receiving email it was shipped on the 9th. A++ perfection.

Highly recommended


Slide shipped out 8/19. GS received on 8/21 and I also received notification. Received notification job completed and in process of being fulfilled on 8/25. Received it back today 8/29.

Excellent workmanship and quality job on the slide. Thank you GlockStore!