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SIRT PERFORMER 110 Student Training Pistol

$219.00 to $329.00
SKU: 8125
SIRT PERFORMER 110 Student Training Pistol

Introductory Level SIRT System to start pistol diagnostics and high volume training 

• Plastic slide (as opposed to metal slide of the SIRT 110 Pro and Student) 
• 4 oz lighter than comparable live fire gun (and SIRT 110 Pro) 
• Dual laser (Red/Red) indoor/low light training pistol with functional features of Glock™ 17/22. 
• Includes standard sights, one adjustable weight magazine. 
• Great for indoor training. Works outdoor in limited lighting conditions. 

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273

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Excellent for training muscle memory- but wish it would be cheaper.


With ammo in short supply and in many cases $1.00/round or more, you can't train like you used to. Even if you can afford the ammo, can you get enough of it to train and have for defense? That's probably a good reason to get this training pistol.

But a second reason is because without the "bang" and recoil it can help you learn how to place your shots consistently and show you where your technique weaknesses are.
Sadly I can only give it three stars because of it's limited use and price point. At some point you'll get bored with it and will use it from time to time as a refresher. But considering it costs 1/2 of what an actual live gun would cost, makes it psychologically difficult to justify the expense, though the logic of saving ammo contradicts that.