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Slide Pull Charging Handle

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If you or someone you know has trouble cycling the slide of your Glock this is the answer. 

The SLIDE PULL CHARGING HANDLE replaces the slide cover plate at the back of your Glock to give you a ring or handle to insert your finger to facilitate pulling the slide back. It makes it much easier to pull back the slide because you don’t have to use fine muscle strength (fingers and grip) to initiate the action. Perfect for older folks, ladies, those with disabilities and/or medical conditions. 

Fits all Glocks except Glock 42 and 43.

Now available for the Glock 42 and 43 found here

Order Online or Call Toll Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Great Charging Handle


This charging handle looks good and works good. It's high quality and easy to install. It's rounded and smooth so nothing catches on holsters etc... This charging handle makes racking my Glock easy and I love it.

Racking made EASY


This product is such an amazing relief to my poor old hands, it really does making racking the slide of my Glock 19 amazingly easy and I like the fact it maintains the width profile of my gun. I highly recommend this addition to your Glock.

what took so long ?


wow just what I needed,, have g42 plus g21 bought this for both,, these old hands are not what they used to be, but with this no one will ever know,,

Amazing add-on.


This item is the next best thing to disposable diapers. I really love how easy it is to rack my 42, especially if you have arthritis. Great job, now is this available for a Glock 23?

Back in the saddle again!


At 71 I just about couldn’t use my Glock 19 any longer. Had to keep a bullet in the chamber. With this slide pull I am back at the range enjoying my pistol. Thank you!

Great for using a red dot.


I had the slide milled for a red dot to shoot in open class in 3-Gun. Without forward serrations the red dot makes racking the slide challenging. I found this option and jumped on it. 5 minute install.REALLY makes a difference.