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Tango Down Extended Magazine Release for Glock 43

SKU: 2153
Finally, an extended release for your Glock 43!

Not too short, not too long. Made of the same tough polymer as the Glock factory part, the magazine will not accidentally release if the weapon is placed on a hard surface.

Extended and contoured, allows easy magazine release without shifting firing grip. Injection molded from same material as OEM Factory part.

Easy to install in minutes.

OA length: .950”
Weight: 0.1 oz.

Please note: Does not fit the Glock 43X or 48.
Made in USA

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Tango Down Extended Mag Rekease


I got this little guy about 3 months ago, and I really like it. It's kind of a pain to put in (not because of the mag release, but because the mag release spring is hard to manipulate on the 43), but once it's installed, it fits like original equipment. It is extended, compared to the factory release, but not so much as to be obtrusive. You don't have to worry about accidentally engaging it, like you do with some other extended releases I have tried. I have actually released the mag with my thumb while firing the weapon with another brand of extended mag release. It won't hang on your holster or clothing either. It is easily manipulated with one hand without having to re-adjust your grip, which is a plus. All in all, a very nice addition to my Glock 43.

Very pleased with my extended magazine release.


I just purchased the red extended magazine release for my off duty G 43. Thanks for the DIY video Lenny, it was a five minute change out. Looks great with the extended controls and pins I recently purchased. Next tungsten guide rod and pyramid trigger system. LOL