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Titanium Skeletonized Striker

SKU: 1063
Shoot Faster, Shoot More Accurately with the Skeletonized Striker coated in Titanium Nitride. Extended tip eliminates light primer strikes!

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If you’re looking to shoot faster this is one performance part that makes a difference!

Our high performance Skeletonized Strikers are polished 17-4 steel coated in Titanium Nitride to reduce friction. The same coating used on high-end drill bits and medical devices. The reduced weight of the Skeletonized Striker allows it to move forward faster, speeding up the lock up time, which in turn improves accuracy.

Our Skeletonized Striker also includes a slightly extended tip which virtually eliminates light primer strikes even with hard primers. This new design completely changes the trigger pull feel by reducing striker bounce and vibration. All engagement surfaces are highly polished to eliminate trigger creep.

Drop in part, no gun smithing required!
Available for all Glock handguns.

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Startling difference with no trigger work to date


Paired this with a 4lb competition striker spring, new sleeve and cups, plus the titanium coated safety plunger and spring. Though I have no scale, I estimate at least a 1 pound, maybe a pound and one half reduced trigger pull. Plus the pull feels different, for the better. Shooting my tightest groups of the year (Glock 26 purchased in 1996).

Does not eliminate light primer strikes, but does reduce them


I got this for my Glock 26, which was having far too many light primer strikes when shooting Winchester white box ammo. Granted that Winchester primers are known to be hard, my G19 has no problem firing them, but my G26 doesn't seem to like them. I was having at least 3-4 out of 10 cartridges fail to fire because of light primer strikes. Installation was a breeze after watching Lenny's video. Using the same factory cups and spring, I tried it out at the range and noticed that the light primer strike problems were reduced to 1 ro 2 rounds per ten. Hopefully the stronger striker spring I ordered will solve the problem.

Awesome addition to going to lighter springs, probably a must


Installed in my gen 5 model 34 that I done a little trigger work on. I also done a 11lb recoil spring, ss guide rod, 4lb striker spring, reduced safety plunger spring and I have shot several small rifle primers just to test. Which included cci no 200 rifle primers, reming 7-1/2, federal as well. Wanna try to see if it'll be as reliable with the 2 and 3lb springs. Mainly shot cci no 500 as far as pistol primer had zero issues so far.