Titanium Striker

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Increase accuracy by reducing lock time — the time it takes for the striker to hit the primer once you have pulled the trigger!
Increase accuracy by reducing lock time — the time it takes for the striker to hit the primer once you have pulled the trigger!

This replacement part weighs 60% less than the original factory part. Additionally, because it is Titanium, you'll enjoy superior corrosion resistance, heat tolerance, and strength. Backed with a lifetime warranty and CNC machined to aerospace tolerance. Just drop it in and shoot!

Include a 5.5 lb factory weight Wolff Striker Spring.

Please note: you will need to use the firing pin spacer sleeve and spring cups from your old striker.

Does not fit Gen 5

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No more light strikes - love this striker


I purchased this titanium striker because of a disappointing bout of light strikes with my otherwise factory 33 G4. Probably could have just replaced the spring, but I figured that the reduced mass would get up to strike speed faster with Ti rather than steel, so I went for this item. Very glad I did! just got back from the range and have to say that there is a difference in trigger pull just from replacing the striker and spring with this kit that I can feel. Think it might be the lower friction of the TiN coating. Could not be more pleased with the reliability as well. Ran a few hundred rounds without a single miss. My spent casings now show a very consistent good, deep primer strikes. Very happy. Think I might add the tungsten guide rod and the pyramid flat faced trigger next. Very pleased.

Great Striker works great in my G19


Great product for my G19 I would buy again.
Now I need one for my G48 *Please try to get these in for that one.

Very light


Very light as compared to the stock pin. Very fast strikes. Have had no issues with light strikes in first 200rds. This coupled with the TiN safety plunger really make a great combo for fantastic trigger feel.

Think ahead


The striker is fairly easy to install ---- AND ---- it's just as easy to loose one of the cups that hold the striker spring. I was doing real well but my finger slipped ---- one side of the cup went flying ----- luckily I was able to find it after about a 2 hour search. YOU may want to order an extra pair, I probably will next order.

Lenny Magill EXPLAIN to the world why these (Glock Spring Cups "SKU: 6131") are not made in flourscent orange to make them MUCH easier to work with especially if they go flying or are dropped!