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Trijicon HD XR Extended Range Night Sights

SKU: 2600
The Trijicon HD XR Night Sights were specifically designed with the ever evolving challenges of law enforcement agencies in mind.

Building on the features of the current HD Night Sights, the Trijicon HD XR night sights are for the next level of advanced target identification and engagement at increased distances. A thinner front sight post allows shooters to have a larger field of view which further enhances the ability to identify targets, expedite engagements, and see location of hits on target at longer distances.

Pistol shooters that need the advantage of a more precise engagement in any light can count on the Trijicon HD XR Night Sights.

Green tritium lamps are warranted for 12 years from date of manufacture.

Note: Trijicon HD XR™ Night Sights are not compatible with the Glock® MOS pistol platform when equipped with a Red Dot Optic. Suppressor height sights should be used.
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I bought these on Midways USA(before TGS had them in the shop) and had them installed in store. They hadn't seen them before and I was happy to say bit longer so the employees could play with the sights. Vic loved them and ordered some for the store right away. I have them on my Glock 35. Best sights I have ever used or seen. They are even great for competition shooting. Worth ever penny my girlfriend spent on me for my birthday ;-)

Great sights, but.......


Trijicon sights have always been my favorite. I just put them on my Glock 17. However, for the money you spend on these, the rear sight is razor %&#$*ing sharp and in just a month has already worn holes in shirts. Couple that with any extended time in carrying these in holster and they also rub you raw no matter if you have a shirt layer or not.

I've heard and watched video's of Trijicon HDXR users sanding down the sights.

I will not purchase these again, unless fixed. The rating could be a three, however, the sights themselves do what is advertised.