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Men's Concealed Carry Tactical Jacket

SKU: 4024
Tactical Concealment Jacket features 7 pockets for your standard stuff and 2 very large concealment pockets to carry and conceal your handgun and magazines. Comes with two zippered concealment pockets, one on each side to accommodate both right and left handed individuals. Available in Black and Tan. Includes one of our new ambidextrous Universal Holsters, designed for most self-defense handguns.  

Jackets are somewhat tight around the waist when zipped, if you have a larger belly you may want to consider the next size up. 

Our Tactical Concealed Carry Jacket is both attractive and functional. It features 7 pockets for your standard stuff and 2 very large concealment pockets to carry and conceal your handgun and magazines. The zippered concealment pockets are built into the jacket and have a Velcro lining that accepts the Velcro holster and magazine accessories. 

One ambidextrous Universal Holster is included with the jacket. These holsters will fit most self defense handguns. 

The pockets are extremely large and can hold a full-size 1911 or Glock 21. They can also hold and support and Apple iPad, small books, papers, etc, 

The key feature is that the Velcro holster enables you to position and support the gun so that the weight is evenly distributed. And, based on the size of the gun you can place it where it is easiest and fastest to access. Additionally, the gun does not print or make the jacket sag or even clunk when you put it down. Please watch the video for the complete demonstration on why this may be one of the best methods of concealment ever!

Jacket is made with 100% polyester, 4-way stretch, high density fabric that is breathable and water repellent. Extremely comfortable, practical and attractive.

Available in Black or Coyote Tan.

Jackets are somewhat tight around the waist when zipped, if you have a larger belly you may want to consider the next size up. 

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    Ratings & Reviews

    11 reviews

    Concealment Jacket


    I've had this jacket for a couple of years now. I am in the mid west where the weather is unpredictable.
    I love this Jacket. It repels water very nicely, keeps me warm in the winter, even does a great job of not letting air though while riding my motorcycle.

    The biggest pistol i've carried with this jacket is my Glock 23. I could easily put something bigger in it. Mostly i carry my Glock 23, SP101 or Kahr CM9. Inside pockets are huge. You honestly could fit an AR lower on (with collapsable stock) one side and a 16" upper on the other. (or a movie theater jacket where you need a 2Liter)

    I will buy another when i wear it out.



    This jacket is even better than expected! All of my friends immediately considered buying one the instant I showed them. The jacket not only is aesthetically appealing, but also very useful! The jacket is tighter around the belly and shoulder area. This jacket fits perfect for someone who is an athletic build. If you are a more muscular guy I would suggest getting a size bigger than what you usually would wear! Overall, this jacket is the only jacket I'll wear outside my house!

    Need to be 2 sizes up


    Great looking jacket, yes you need to have an athletic-build because it does run small. I went up to an XL from an L, and it's still tight. You need to go 2 sizes up.

    Many extra features not included in main description


    Very Pleased! Jacket has D rings inside both arm and hand warmer pockets for securing items. Hand warmer pockets have a smaller inside pocket for keys or such. Main inside pockets are zippered for quiet access and the right side has a small, top opening, Velco closing, pocket that would fit a thin wallet and the left has a small vertical zippered pocket about the same size. Also inside pockets have room for gloves or similar items while being able to separate from weapon/magazine areas. Main zipper is double direction for comfort when seated. There are also under arm zippered vents and a waist draw. Given the small sizing reviews I ordered an XXL which fits my 5'11" 210 lb frame well and allows for ease of movement and an extra layer for warmth if needed. The included holster is non adjustable for size and will only hold compact/sub-compacts. It does include a retention strap. I have a few different "concealed" carry jackets/vests and this one is GREAT! Highly recommend.

    Size issue


    I order this jacket and was told if it did not fit properly it could be returned. I did and read the reviews on sizes, went one size up form L/XL that I normally wear to XXL-still the shoulders were way to small, I paid the $21plus return postage to order the XXXL- it fits. My problem is I am paying shipping on the weird size issue this jackets has. I complained, sorry they could not do anything. So beware on ordering.

    Nice Jacket but Velcro at wrists weak and annoying


    I’ve had this jacket for about a year now and it conceals my Glock 19 well. The faux Velcro at the wrists doesn’t stay together so I spend quite a bit of time messing with them. I would recommend this jacket to a friend if they were to improve this feature. I will probably look for a different way to conceal carry since my jacket is always leaving my wrists cold.

    Nice jacket, tan color a bit misleading


    I like the jacket very much. It's everything promised. Can confirm as others have stated that you had better order at least one size larger than you normally would. I'm glad I heeded their advice. My only gripe is that the "tan" version has more of an olive tinge to it than some of the pics would suggest. Not a big deal, but just be aware.



    What you guys talking about going one size up??? Im a medium and ordered large, its way too big! I think its true to size unless you have a weird anatomical body!

    Awesome jacket and fit perfect


    Love this jacket!!! Good quality and pockets every where. There’s pockets inside pockets!!
    Very versatile, you can conceal your gun anywhere any way you want.
    Seen some people saying that these jackets run tight but I decided to ignore them and got a medium and it fits perfectly even a little loose. I’m 5’8” 170lbs athletic build and where 32 pants.
    And I could could put a hoodie on under jacket still and it would be fine.
    Also was wondering if Velcro was on shoulders cuz some photos didn’t show it and yes they do have Velcro!
    Awesome jacket and was just what I was looking for!!

    Wow ! That's What I'm Talking About


    Just received this jacket today . I love the material a lot like thick neoprene .
    The jacket dose have lockable zippers on both sides hard to tell with some of the pictures . I'm 5' 9" with a slight belly. I normally wear an Ex Large thats what I ordered .Shout out to the reviewer who questioned everyone ordering a extra size up . this fits me like it was tailored the shoulders.fit perfect . Wow I love it nice jacket !. I ordered Black . When they go on sale I will order the tan . Also there are zippers placed under the arm pits to the top of the hand pockets that allow access to the inside of the jacket .

    Good coat with a few limitations.


    Overall, the jacket performs as described. The system works well for a small frame handgun but does print with medium or large frame pistols. If you intend to conceal a small frame pistol, this jacket will be perfect.

    Five-foot eleven, 165lbs - a medium coat fits well and will allow an under layer for colder temps.

    The main double zipper is poor quality and causes problems joining the coat flaps. This is a detail that should not exist on a $130 garment.