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Lightweight Concealed Carry Vest

SKU: 4060
Our Lightweight Concealment Vest is a perfect option to carry and conceal a self-defense handgun on those nippy fall days and nights. It features two large zippered concealment pockets built into the vest that have velcro strips inside so that you can position the holster where you want it based on your gun type, size etc. These pockets are extremely large and can hold a full-size 1911 or Glock 21; however, most find best success with smaller and lighter handguns.

The key feature is that the velcro holster enables you to position and support the gun so that the weight is evenly distributed. And, based on the size of the gun, you can place it where it is easiest and fastest to access. Additionally, the gun does not print or make the vest sag or even clunk when you put it down.

Includes one of our new ambidextrous Universal Holsters. Holster fits most self defense handguns.

Please Note: Some batches of these vests run small. If you are between sizes, or prefer a looser fitting vest, please order the next size up. Please see the reviews for more information.
Vest is made with 100% polyester, 4-way stretch, high density fabric that is breathable and water repellant. Extremely comfortable, practical and attractive. Makes a perfect layer and can be worn under larger outerwear jackets.

Order Online or call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Ratings & Reviews

14 reviews

Almost a perfect vest...almost...


Vest is great, I use it both to conceal within the vest, and I wear it when I am carrying IWB. This vest is as described for comfort and fashion. I have worn it over t-shirts, golf polos, and even long sleeve dress shirts. It goes well with everything.
Here is the main and only reason that i can only give it 4 stars, not give it 5 stars,
The two inside concealment pockets are large pockets, HOWEVER, there are no zipper pulls on these two most important pockets on the vest! There are zipper pulls on the front outside chest pocket, and the side hand pockets, but none here?! This does not make any sense to me to provide a vest with inside concealment pockets, that you need to get to quick, with no zipper pulls? So I added my own zipper pulls and now it is perfect. In summary, I would love to see this as a fix for future sales of this vest. Oh and also maybe a vest in a dark brown?

Owner of a vest


I bought one and I am not one to write reviews but I like this vest . I use it a lot and wish we had more cold weather to wear it more. When you order one get the next size larger because they do run small . This is a must if you carry . I give it a five star overall rating .

Order a larger size.


I bought this vest 2XL. I had mistakenly received the lightweight jacket in 2XL and it was perfect in size. But I wanted the vest, soI retrurned it and waited for the vest. When it came, I was impressed by the quality, but when I tried it on, it was too small! Even though the jacket was sized perfectly at 2XL, the vest is tight across the belly. Of course, that's where the "hidden" pistol goes, so now its clearly printed.
As the idea is to be "concealed", this issue, is not acceptable to me. Unfortunatley, there is no 3XL!

So, when sizing, consider that the vest needs to go up a size.

Top notch


This vest is very nice. You could wear it to a country club no problem. It also feels really durable and should hold up over time. I'm 6'1" 200lbs muscular build and typically wear a large but a large would be too tight. I ordered an XL based of prior reviews and am glad I did. Fits perfect if not a bit snug. Tons of room in pockets. Nice holster comes with it.

Perfect- Great fit, quality construction (I'd buy a tan color too if available)


I normally wear LG but ordered XL and it fits great. Couldn't expect better feel and quality of material. Concealed carry is perfect and no sagging even though I carry a medium frame Beretta PX4 which is pretty heavy vs Glock etc.
Wish they made it in a tan or khaki and I would buy another one because I wear this one so much and would like to have another color that coordinates with dark color trousers. Buy one and you won't regret it.
Most comfortable concealed carry option you'll find

Great vest But...


Everything about this vest is wonderful except it is cut too small. I take a XL (5' 10", 205 lbs) and this vest in an XL is too tight around the hips and fits perfectly in the body. This means that when carrying a pistol - it shows! I'm returning the vest for a 2XL hoping it won't be too large. If the 2XL fits properly, I'll write another review with an updated rating.

Sizing is NOT correct !


I recently purchased this vest in a 2X and when arrived I found out it to be much smaller in size than was indicated on labels. While the vest is very well constructed and would have been perfect for my environment, with the sizing problem it could not be worn. I passed it along to a friend who wears a large size and it fit him great and works perfect for him. Reported problem to GlockStore and while they are planning on larger sizes, no ETA. Be careful when ordering and get at least one size larger.



Nice quality made vest, nice material and stitching is excellent! I'm 5' 9" 155 lbs. and normally wear a medium but went with recommedations of other reviews and ordered a size up and it fit well. Large inside pocket with velcro holster holds fast and conceals firearm real well, never know its there. I would recommend watching the video for full details and I would also recommend getting the vest.

Pro comments on CC Vest


I already have 3 of the vests. On a windy day the vest does not blow open as my other lighter vest s do. I CC OTW so this is important not to have wind expose my weapon. In addition, the vest is rugged and looks great.



Love my tactical vest , but I’d like it even better if it was a XL Tall. (. Only other thing is I’d like it to have the inside holster that comes with the vest to have one on each side



Nothing but positives. Thought from advert would be too thin, but it is not.. unusual fabric--it is slicker than it looks and heavier. Must get a size larger. WELL DESIGNED. The concealed carry didn't work too good for me, I tend to carry a heavier weapon but for a light pistol, it will work. In short, an excellent jacket for general use... surprised at the quality considering the price point. AND MY SHIPPING WAS FAST.

Functional without screaming Tactical


I'm 5'7", 205lbs and usually wear a medium. I ordered a large and zipped up it fits snug but unzipped fits fine. The length is right to conceal an IWB holster so an XL might get the chest sizing right, but the length might be too long and obvious. Included one ambi holster that is generic, but it did not come with any mag pouch to get you going out of the box. The outside and inside chest pockets are zippered side loaders. I would have liked one to be a top loader. My "pet peeve" is the collar. The collar is 2.5" around. Not being a regular collar with the zipper going all the way up to the top edge, the collar will not lay down (look at the other products, same problem). I wear my hair "high and tight" and still feel it pushing up on my back hairline. Reducing the zipper height by a few inches would help because even when it's unzipped, the zipper keeps the top of the collar rubbing your neck. Would recommend a collarless version and more colors.

Collar Concern


The Collar on this vest is way to high "My Opinion" and in the way of comfort. Nice vest tho.

You can't go wrong with this Vest.


I am a Vest Guy, have been called that long before I had a CCW permit. I have many vest, many have pockets inside of which I can conceal a weapon. This vest is the best of the vest I have. Looks good, fits very well ( I ordered a Large, had to send it back for a XL), works well, conceals very well!. I am ordering another in Blue.