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Ameriglo Optic Compatible Tall Sight Set for Glocks

$90.00 to $104.00
SKU: 20271

If you want to “Co-Witness” iron sights with a red dot optic you will typically need “suppressor height sights” to be able to see the front and rear sights through the glass of the optic.

Additionally, if you are shooting with a suppressor, you will need the taller sights to be able to acquire a sight picture over the length of the suppressor itself.

Ameriglo offers three different height sights for both Co-Witness with red dot optics and, of course, suppressors. This option is also a tritium night sight that “glows in the dark” for up to 10 years - no batteries required. The white dot outline is also very effective for daytime sight acquisition.

XL - .308 Tall from the top of the slide (most popular for most optics)

(provides a clean ⅓ CO-Witness)

3XL - .369 Tall from the top of the slide (used for optics with a thick base - ie, Delta Point Pro)

5XL - .424 Tall from the top of the slide (typically best for longer suppressors.

Check Out Our Optic Gallery to to see the CoWitness options available with different optics and suppressor height sights
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Aftermarket replacement sights are very popular here at the Glockstore, so when we see a great product, we just know we have to make it available to our customers. These Tall Suppressor 3-Dot Tritium Night Sights are a great option for your suppressed Glock or for “Co-Witness" with an optic.

The tall suppressor height on these sights allow for optimum sight picture on suppressed Glock firearms as well as ⅓ - ½ Co-Witness with your red dot optic. These Tritium Sights have a 3-dot picture that illuminates green on front and rear sight. The white outline of the tritium insert allows for very effective daytime sight acquisition.

Sights are machined steel built with precision.

Available in matte black finish.

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273

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