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Red Dot Optic Cut

$150.00 to $200.00
SKU: 9072
$150.00 to $200.00
Glockstore is proud to provide a milling service to machine cut the slide to accept the Red Dot Optic sight. This machine cut places the Red Dot Optic sight low onto the slide and provides a more "pointable" sight picture. Because the sight is low, close to the bore of the barrel, the shooters point of aim is more natural.

Don't see your Red Dot Optic? Your model may have the same footprint as one of the listed options.

The Trijicon RMR Cut also fits the Holosun 507C.


No Co-witness removes the rear sight dovetail and allows the optic to sit further back on the slide. 

Co-witness maintains the original dovetail cut to allow for iron sights to coincide with the dot in your optic. This option is not available for some optics due to size constraints.

If you have aftermarket rear sights on your Glock, they may need to be removed before cutting. Any removed sights will be returned to you when we ship your slide. 

For more details on specific RDOs, please send your inquiries through the Contact Us page or call us at (800) 601-8273.
The world's best competition handgun shooters know that to be competitive you've got to have the best equipment. And, most know that the best sight for competition is a Red Dot Optic sight. These systems project a red dot or reticle into the glass and allow the shooter to pick up the sight faster and hence, shoot more accurately with faster times. It's really quite simple; instead of lining up the front and rear sight on a traditional iron sight, one just puts the red dot optic onto the target and squeezes the trigger.

We offer a wide variety of Red Dot Optic sights.

A very popular option is to Co-Witness the Red Dot Optic sight with iron sights. In order to do this effectively, we need to use "Suppressor Sights" that are taller than standard sights. This allows you to "look over and through" the Red Dot Optic. One great feature of this option is to adjust the point of aim so that the Red Dot rests nicely on top of the front sight when the handgun is leveled to the target.

Slide cuts for each Red Dot Optic sight are different and unique. Please select your particular sight from the options above. If your sight is not represented, please call us for custom cuts. We can program any sight to make it look like it was there in the first place.

Also, make sure to select the Co-Witness option if desired and then add the suppressor sights to your cart. We'll install them as well as the Red Dot optic at no extra charge!

Also note, these are not refinished cuts. You must select a new finish for your slide for any machined cut so that the bare metal does not oxide/rust. GlockStore Performance & Custom is proud to offer CeraKote Firearms Coatings, Hydrographic, Black Oxide (which is most similar to the Glock factory finish), and finally, a Titanium Nitride Finish that is gold in color.


Please add your chosen finish to your cart before checking out.

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Glock 20 Red Dot Optic Cut and Cerakote


Well, got a slide cut for my Glock 20 that didn't have one from the factory, Cerakote in Socom Blue. Came out very, very nice. Vortex Viper fit on it perfectly, and co-witnesses perfectly with my raised sights. Very happy with the work done and outcome. Lubed the slide rails after I got slide put back together. Slide operates perfectly. Thanks Lenny, Guys.