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Beavertail Grip Adapter

SKU: 2018
This innovative part allows you to grip the Glock handgun more aggressively by placing your hand higher up on the grip without fear of the slide "biting" the skin between your thumb and trigger finger.

May require modification to fit the G26/27/33.

Gen4 version also fits G20, G21, G40, and G41 Gen4 Frames.

Gen3 version fits Gen3 G20 and 21 Frames, but may require slight modification. If necessary, material can be removed from the bottom of the adapter for best fit. Please note that ANY modification will render this item ineligible for return.

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
The Grip Force Adapter simulates a true "beavertail grip" for Glock which was made popular on 1911 style handguns. This innovative part allows you to grip the Glock handgun more aggressively by placing your hand higher up on the grip without fear of the slide "biting" the skin between your thumb and trigger finger. Because of this, you can control the handgun better thereby reducing recoil and muzzle flip and, hence, being able to shoot faster and more accurately.

It will change the grip slightly in a positive way. It features aggressive checkering and a shape that, in my opinion, will improve your grip. Adds very little bulk or space to the overall factory grip. Installs in seconds using an extended trigger housing pin.

Now comes with TWO Beavertail Grip Adapters — one is ribbed and the other is smooth....for the same price as ONE!

• Does not interfere with holsters or holstering
• Available in Black or Dark Earth
• Fits all Glock Models and Generations — except G36

Important fit information for Gen 4 Glocks:
The Beavertail Grip Adapter is available to fit Generation 1, 2, 3 and the new Gen 4 Glocks. If you own a Gen 4 Glock and are not using any of the additional Backstrap Inserts, the frame is in the +0 condition (this simulates the SF frame), you need the Gen 4 Beavertail Grip Adapter. If you are using the frame with the +2 Backstrap Insert (which simulates the original Glock Grip) then you would need to select the Gen3 Beavertail Grip Adapter. If you are using the frame with the +4 Backstrap Insert the Beavertail Grip Adapter will not fit and there is no option for this item.

The Beavertail Grip Adapter will fit the G26/27/33 with some effort and modification of the unit. Some mini-Glock owners have cut the Adapter in half using a rotary tool or bandsaw to make it fit their guns.
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The Glock Beavertail Grip


I purchased the Beavertail Grip about three weeks ago. The Beavertail was very easy to install and it made the Glock 32 Gen 3 grip fit my hand better than before I added the Beavertail. I have not gone to the range to try the add on while shooting the pistol. It has been to hot here in Texas to go to the range so I can hardly wait to try the new add on to my Glock. If the control is better with the Beavertail grip then I know I am going to love the Glock 32 Gen 3 even more.

Beavertail Grip Adapter is the BEST!


This product is the BEST part I have added to my Glocks! It makes pointing feel much better and more natural. No more adjusting to line up the front sight. Makes Glocks point like a 1911. Offers much more protection for the web of the hand. This part is far better than the backstraps that come with the 4th Gen pistols. I have short fingers and can still reach the trigger OK.
I put these on all of my Glocks both 3rd and 4th gen pistols and I LOVE them on all of them! I can't recommend them enough.
Note: I had to cut 1/8th of an inch off the provided pin to make it fit (without it sticking out too far).

I put a Grip Force Adapter on every single Glock I own.


I've got big hands that just get chewed up if I shoot a Glock without a GFA.
I tried one on a G22 I picked up a couple years ago and it made such a huge difference to me that I put on a GFA on each new Glock I buy.
I install the GFA before even shooting a Glock

must have


I just received my 3rd one of these I now have them on all my glocks . I didn't realize how accustom my hand got to having it on until I went to the range and tried to shoot a standard g19 without a beaver grip. it make the gun feel more secure to hold. it comes with two different straps the one they
have pictured and a smooth one also. very pleased

Be patient


I love it

Great upgrade


Came with 2 and I tried both. Decided smooth was watt go on Feb 4 17.perfect trigger reach for me. Easy to install. Excellent stuff!

Lo mejor


Es perfecto y la hace ver bien combinando los colores

Glock Perfection at it's best!


Exactly what I was looking for to enhance my grip/purchase on my G22! Came with two different style beavertails and 4 extended pins. Very easy to install after watching one of Lenny's many how to videos!

Must buy for Gen 3 if you have large hands and want to grip your pistol high


I bought the BTGA for my Gen 3 G17, G26, G30, & G34 a few years back. I swear by these. The ONLY issue I ever had was that the “ribbed” version actually tore my hand up during a couple of training courses where I was shooting hundreds of rounds per day over a week or two. However, this was EASILY fixed by installing the smooth version that was provided with the ribbed version. This is a must buy if you have a Gen 3 and larger hands. Definitely allows you to get a good high grip.

Gen5 Glock 19


Will this work on my Gen5 Glock 19 ?