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Big Mouth Aluminum Magwell w/Brass Insert

$89.95 to $99.95
SKU: 1056
$89.95 to $99.95
Improve Your Grip and Reload Faster with the Big Mouth Magazine Well.

Available in six different colors in either 3oz or 4oz weights for most Glock handguns.

Please Note: Gen4 Magwells are only compatible with the +0 configuration, with no additional backstraps installed. May not work with some magazine extensions.
Magazine wells have been around for decades as top competition shooters know that they not only help facilitate faster reloads but they also help you acquire and maintain a more consistent grip on the handgun.

The more consistent your grip, the better your accuracy from shot to shot. Especially when you are shooting fast.

The Big Mouth Magazine Well is machined in the USA from a solid bar of aluminum. Available in six different colors and two weights, 3 ounces and 4 ounces. It is the largest and most functional magazine well on the market and is used by top competition shooters worldwide!

Custom Engraving available at additional charge, email customgunshop@glockstore.com for details

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Huge Difference


I recently added a G34 to my collection. The main reason I resisted Glock for years was the weight. I never felt truly comfortable with the lightness of the polymer frame. However, the addition of the 4 oz. magwell has not only added that weighty feel I was looking for, but it enhanced my grip on the handle. The insertion of magazines now is automatic. I picked up a 3 oz. magwell for Lil Sparrow's G19. She loves it as well and has added another dimension to her shooting proficiency. Double thumbs up!!!

G19 Magwell


High quality Magwell. Extra easy installation. Fits perfectly.
One small problem: it's too small for magazines with Taran tactical +5 extension. Otherwise all perfect.

Great Buy


I bought this for my 35 and it has helped me especially when doing a magazine change under time. Another great product for a reasonable price . Thanks Lenny.

A Little Too Tight


A must have to pair with the heavy base plate. The alignment is a little tricky though and leaves the Magwell pistol interface very tight such that I really have to slam the bottom of the base plate hard to engage the mag lock; I may need to machine the base plate a little to achieve a smoother insert with less force.

Regardless, this accessory and the thug plug definitely reduces felt recoil for my G20.

Works on P80 with some minor modifications!!


Picked this up in Gold for a Polymer80 G34 build.
Like many products designed for Glocks being used on P80's, the product requires some "custom fitting". I ordered the larger of the 2 brass inserts and had to grind down a good bit of it with my dremel to get it to slide into the bag of the P80 frame. I also had to sand down the rear corners of the P80 handle to get the screw hole to line up for the magwell to screw in to the insert.

I expect with the P80 that on some level there will be fitment issues so this did not deter me from buying this product. The weight and feel is great now that I got it on there.

Just a note of caution, it will fit on a P80 full size frame with some slight modifications to both the brass weight and the magwell. The lighter weight may fit better.



IO just recently got one of these for my Glock 17 and I'm asking myself why didn't I do it sooner. It added weight to the back end of the gun and a better grip on the gun. Now I know! Thanks Glock Store for the service and the parts.

Smooth reloading and overall balance


Beyond the cool custom look and the smooth reloading assistance it provides, the additional 4oz weight in the lower grip really balanced the feel of my G19. Especially on the last 3 or 4 shots!



This thing is outstanding, for speed loading, but also hand alignment and much more importantly to balance out the pistol that's otherwise extremely top-heavy. Went 4oz and couldn't be happier. Yeah, looks great too.

A Few Concerns But Purchasing Another


I purchased this magwell to replace the Magpul magwell that I was using. On my installation the set screw holes didn't line up perfectly -- meaning that I had to be exceedingly careful not to cross thread the fasteners. Once installed, there's a slight amount of slop at the front allowing the magwell to move perhaps 1/32" on the grip side. I have normal size hands, and on a Gen 3 G19, it starts to "cramp" the last two fingers on my right hand. I purchased the magwell with the 4oz. weight which now gives my G19 a more solid feel (think Sig). With a stock factory mag (no extension) you have to make sure that you follow through when inserting the mag since it gets "swalllowed" -- well past the bottom edge of the magwell. Overall, nice accessory.

Glock 20 install.


Added this to my Glock 20 and it made a big difference in balancing the gun out. Installed in 5 minutes, no issues.

Looks and Works GreatWhn but....


This is a great addition to my Glock 17 in running IDPA and USPSA matches. I am just getting into it and am using my old pistol until the new one comes. I would make a suggestion for the screw. For me it was a bit too long and caused the well to feel loose and move a bit. Not as solid as I would have liked. I purchased a new screw a 4-40 x 3/8 button head with the same allen tool size and now it fits solid and feels like part of the gun. The other items Is I had to wrap the brass weight with a piece of blue tape to give it a bit more of a snug but removeable fit.

I love the look and feel it gives and I can slam a mag and it goes where its supposed to.

Mixed Emotions


Bottom Line is that this magwell not only looks great (especially if you are accenting with other upgrades of the same color) but anchors your pinky and palm right in the pocket of your grip. On the range, my grip is locked-in through multiple mags... not to mention the attention you'll draw on the line just from the wow factor.
My issue was the installation... the brass insert was not cut to fit into the half moon properly and the tapped hole for the set screw was off to the side. I was able to push the insert in and over to line the hole up, but then found that the hole was not tapped all the way and the set screw would not go in far enough to be recessed into the grip. After I tapped the hole (pretty easy since we are talking about brass), I was able to get the set screw in properly, but when you are paying almost $100 bucks for a machined part with one purpose, you expect it to be correct and an easy drop in.