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Tear Drop Extended Magazine Release

SKU: 1058
Looking for easier, faster magazine changes? This is it!

Proven Concept, New Design — Faster, Easier Extended Magazine Release Button.

Available in 6 Different Colors for Gen 3.
Our original Rectangular Extended Magazine Release (SKU #1060), is one of our most popular items. Now, we've added a new shape that we call the TEAR DROP.

It's slightly larger and provides the same benefits; faster magazine reloads, easier to depress and remove the magazine, much more comfortable on the thumb than the small factory plastic button. This new shape is very attractive and is just a bit larger than our original factory button. It's a drop in part that is easily replaced in minutes.


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Ratings & Reviews

24 reviews



Easy to install, somewhat wider and significantly higher than the OEM mag release. Installed it on my G17 Gen4 with a medium backstrap. Before installing this extended release I had to break my grip to actuate the mag release (I grip the gun very high close to the bore axis). With this product, I don't need to do so. Mental note: add loctite to the two screws in case they get loose. So far it is quite sturdy. As usual, Glockstore delivers super-fast, thanks.

Great Upgrade


Installed on G19X and G17 Gen4. Easy to install. The extension makes releasing the magazine easier, especially on 19X. With this extension I am able to release magazine with my thumb without having to change my grip. Great addition and also does not interfere with my holster.
Thanks Glock store.

No More Tears With This Teardrop!


A great button for quick mag changes especially for those of us with large hands that have trouble pushing the spindly factory release. This is a must have accessory for any Glock!

Awesome little addon


This is a great product. Its a polymer Mag Release that's been drilled to take the Aluminum Extension. I was a little worried about that, but it fits great, looks great, and haven't had issues yet. If the tab does come undone, you still have the standard polymer button below so it will continue to work.

Perfect on my G34


Very happy with mine. Magazine lock-up is tight and positive & extension fits my thumb perfectly. There is no slop whatsoever when the mag is inserted; fit and finish are superb. The reason I purchased mine was because I wanted to release the mag without shifting my grip and this was perfect for my mid-to-large size hands and thick fingers. I'd buy another if GS released one with aggressive checkering.

Check hole alignment first!


I hate to give it three stars, but I had two problems.
First, the button was drilled of center, so when the button was pressed, it hit the frame, not releasing the magazine. Since it wasn’t a huge deal, I filed it down on the underside for an acceptable fit. This brings about the second issue, after taking the button off three times, I could feel that one of the screws didn’t have as tight a grip.
Hopefully it holds!
To be fair, I didn’t contact the Glock store about this, but I’m sure they would have taken care of it.

A must have


I just received my order and immediately installed the extended mag release on my Glock 19. It literally took less than 10 minutes! I must say I was somewhat skeptical until I tried it. This extended mag release is excellent! I’ve carried this firearm for 4 years and for the first time I can do a mag swap with ease. Great addition to my favorite cherry weapon. I highly recommend it.

If you are even considering it, just buy it.


One thing I hated about the Glock was the ergonomics of the magazine release. It drove me nuts because I don’t want to adjust my grip in a life and death situation. I got a cheaper extended release and it sucked. So I bought this teardrop model. I have to admit the overall quality was superior to the factor and other extended release I got. The overall function is perfect. I honesty couldn’t have asked for a better ergonomic fix to the factory release. I can’t speak to the holster release aspect. I use it purely as my tactical night gun. I keep it out next to my when I’m home, so it never goes in a holster. I have other guns for that. I highly recommend this part. Huge improvement to my overall satisfaction with the Glock 19.

Great product. Works well.


Be careful. It can be a problem with some holsters. I have a G26 with a N82 Revnant IWB holster. If I lean back in a chair just right it can release the magazine.

Will it fit ! Yes and no


I really love this ,so East to drop a magazine,with this little part ! But be aware as is it’s not illegal for IDPA unless it filed down to be able to fit through the hole in the frame!

Works great for smaller hands


Everything came as it was supposed to. Much bigger than I expected sticks out a quarter inch past the lower. However works really well do not have to adjust grip at all or even come off target great product

Best looking extended magazine release on the market


This was the best looking release I could find on the market. I’ve never installed one previously. It took a few minutes to install and looks perfect. I had watched the install video a few times before installing. Thank you Glockstore

Like it but don't love it


I ordered the tear drop for my G41. Installation was a breeze. I love the look and the color (red). However, my issue is that it definitely sticks out pretty far, too far for me. I will return this and get the checkered extended Mag catch, which is what I have on my 19X (and I LOVE it!).

tear drop magazine release install


I bought this for my Glock 9 x 19 gen 3. It works perfectly and makes dropping a mag easy with no grip adjustment at all. Just be advised that the spring is extremely stiff and a little difficult to pry out of the release but not bad if you have the right tool. I used a dental pick tool with a L shaped bend at the end and it made if easy

easy to install


installed on my 22 and 19 love them work great.

Great addition to my G26.5


The original mag release is a bit small for my hands causing me to change grip in order to drop the mag. With this, changing mags is no longer an issue. This sticks out quite a bit so it's much easier to reach with my thumb and no need to change my grip. The button has some edges to it so the grip on it is pretty aggressive. This might cause some issue with those who conceal since the button sticks out a bit.



This is a gorgeous product, and it is very shiny silver.
For now I am not using Loctite on the screws because I'm trying to find some silver screws.
This mag release was installed onto a g26 slide with p80 frame. The reason I chose tear drop over square mag release is because the g26 p80 frame has raised grips bumps, and these teardrop plastic bumps on the frame match the teardrop release button perfectly!
Another thing to note: this button sticks out enough to make most holsters unusable, however, Mr Magill has some holsters here that take this into account and are cut lower to allow the release, called the $35 and $30 holster.
To move out the mag catch spring, I used a pair of angled tweezers with one of the claws bent inwards, but I hear a dental pick or some kinds of hemostats work too.

$ starts pretty legit, Sharp edges though


Pretty legit def makes it easier to drop the mag out and quicker too. is not to uncomfortable to Conseal very doable. Only thing that is kinda annoying is how sharp the edges are if they were a little rounded it would go a long way. I recommend this purchess.

Very, Very Extended Mag Release


Quality product but should be called very, very extended tear drop mag release button. Even when depressed it isn’t even close to flush with the P80 full size frame. Easy install and great quality, just way to far extended for any kind of carry. Good thing that wasn’t the intention for this build.

Great addition to the Glock 17


Game changer for the Glock 17. Easy Install, Glockstore has a video on Youtube showing step by step. Extended mag release gave me just that little bit extra i needed to drop the mag quickly.

Ext Mag Release.


Wow. What a difference. Man. Night and day. If you don’t have one of these yet you have to get one. It’s a def game changer.

Carefull Leaving the weapon on it's left side


Almost a great idea. I love how this product allows you to easily drop the mag however I was finding that in a home defense style small safe with the gun laying on it's side, it had a tendency to release the mag when you pick up the gun in a hurry. That I found to be less than ideal if you have an intruder and suddenly find yourself with a loose mag and potentially nothing in the chamber.
If you're using this just for range shooting or do not store the weapon as described then it's great.

Perfect addition for a 19 G3.


Perfect addition for a 19 G3. As many have stated, it is practically impossible to eject the magazine without a readjust of the grip. This item solves that problem completely. Thanks to Lenny and the team for another great mod to the 19. As always, watch the video by Lenny to easily install this item. One point of differentiation regarding the prescribed install. Yes, use a #1 flathead to move the spring to the notch and free the OEM release but rather than removing the spring with needle nose pliers, simply leverage the spring back slightly with the tip of the screwdriver and remove the old part and insert the new. Use the screwdriver to engage the notch and viola! Good ol’ Lenny. Makin’ life better for us all.