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Heavy Extended Aluminum Magazine Base Plate

SKU: 1055
Improve reloading speeds with our extended magazine base plate.

Does not add extra rounds but adds weight and length to assist in faster removal and easier insertion. The GlockStore extended aluminum magazine base plates weigh 39.5 grams compared to 3.5 grams of the factory original plastic base plate.
The GlockStore extended aluminum magazine base plates are machined in the USA out of a solid block of aluminum. We make them so that they are solid and do not add any additional rounds. Many shooters requested this for the added weight.

They do weigh 39.5 grams compared to 3.5 grams of the factory original plastic base plate. This added weight helps them drop free faster and more consistently. And, now you can color coordinate to match your other accessories or be able to spot your magazines at a glance.

Please note: this product will not work with a magwell installed.

Available in two sizes to fit all Glocks except the G36/42/43/43X/48.
And, available in six colors — Silver, Red, Pink, Blue, Gold and Black

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Glock 20 add on


Got this for my glock 20 to help offset the weight of the pistol. Lowers the center of gravity a bit and definitely helps with keeping my aim on target. Great product at a great price. I liked it so much I ordered it for my glock 30.

Polymer 80 Full Sized


Hey guys,
Beautiful product (bought mine in gold) just wanted to give anyone running a Polymer 80 full sized a heads up. You will have to modify your magwell to fit this product. Now by modify I mean sand the corners to fit the slightly larger aluminum base plate. Once you install the baseplate to your magazine the magazine won't "catch" (again referring to Polymer 80 full sized). Upon closer inspection I found out that it was hitting the flared magwell before the magazine catch. The polymer is thicker in the corners of the Polymer 80 flared magwell. It only takes about 5 min with some sand paper to fix but again it's a word of caution.
Stay safe and happy shooting

"It Ain't Heavy...It's My Mag Base"


A must have when using the Magwell and makes quite a difference in felt recoil offset with my G20...get one for each of your mags like I did and you won't regret it!

Nice addition.


Nice product, shipped quickly, installed without issue. Helps balance the 17 out a little more.

Does Job


Good weight on the baseplate and good size for extension on the pinkie. However, it’s an awkward look when magazine is inserted (Glock 29SF) because the length of the baseplate does not cover the surface area of the magazine well and lower grip. This might not bother some but if I would have had a picture with the baseplate attached to the magazine and actually inserted into the firearm I would not have purchased. Also, $7.00 shipping was the cheapest option. So shipping cost was about 23-24% of the cost of the actual item bought. Way too much. Well made item but I would not buy again.

Perfect Add On


Easy Install, Quick Mag Drops. Look Great, Will definitely add them to all my mags.

Be sure that if you don't have the Magazine tool you consider getting one. I was able to install without one but it would certainly have been much easier to use the tool.

Glock 30 add on


Just added this mag base plate to my G30, easy install, and the mag now drops quickly for a speedy reload. And it looks nice too. The Glock Store always has the cool stuff, thank you Glock Store.

Love these.


I didn’t want to extend the magazine size but wanted to add some Iength. I also wanted a base plate that didn’t cover the grip plug opening since I have custom plugs and these don’t cover it. The fit and finish is excellent. Will be buying more for another build.