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Competition Striker Spring

$3.49 to $14.99
SKU: 2203
This Competition Striker Spring is the lightest striker spring on the market that will still give you reliable ignition of primers. Reduces trigger pull weight by at least one pound as compared to stock configuration. Improves Glock trigger pull dramatically. 

Now available in a convenient variety pack — Select the "5 Pack" Option to get one of each different spring weight and save!

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Looking for a way to improve your trigger? This is it


I purchased the 2 lbs spring in an interest to lighten the trigger and soften the break. I didn't expect the spring to dramatically improve the trigger the way it did. The take up is gone, the harsh break is now light and crisp. I've also had several thousand rounds through it without failure. All Glocks should come with this standard.

Heavy springs for larger caliber


The springs are great, just a word of advice: if you are shooting anything larger than a .40 cal, the heavier springs are favorable for better primer punch. The springs under 5 lbs can cause a weak primer strike and non fire. If you want to reduce the trigger pull, look at getting an aftermarket drop in trigger.

6 lb striker spring is a MUST for Timney Alpha Glock Trigger


From what I've seen, the heavier 6 lb striker spring fixes light strikes when running the Timney Alpha. Many people post negative reviews about the trigger because they're constantly getting light strikes. They would bend the trigger bar and/or mill out portions of the trigger, it was dumbfounding. I noticed the increase in reliability when using the 6 lb spring and Taran from Taran Tactical specifically said he runs a heavier striker in all of the Glocks with Timney Alphas.