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Double Diamond Plus Extension and Magazine Combos

$64.95 to $84.95
SKU: 2837
$64.95 to $84.95
Extra Rounds / More Style!

We've added some design style to the new Plus Magazine Extensions by GS/Double Diamond. These attractive magazine extensions allow you to add extra rounds — up to 5 extra rounds — to your existing magazines. These combos come pre-installed with an extra power spring to feed the additional rounds consistently every time and are designed with a very innovative system to secure the base plate to the magazine body.

The magazine inserts are also designed for a universal fit allowing for custom color combinations, and increased style and functionality, available separately here.

We encourage you to watch the video for a complete installation demonstration.

Available for the following models:
• G43X/48 - +4 9mm
• G43 - +2 9mm
• G17/22/31 - +5 9mm / +5 .40cal/.357
• G19/23/32 - +5 9mm / +4 .40cal/.357
• G26/27/33 - +5 9mm / +4 .40cal/.357
• Big Stick 9mm - +5 9mm

Please Note: The Big Stick 9mm Option includes a Glock Factory Big Stick 33rd 9mm Magazine without the Factory +2 Extension, for a total capacity of 36 rounds.

Also Note: These extensions will work with most aftermarket magwells. However, the retaining pin will need to be adjusted to prevent scratching/marring of your magwell.

Customize your look and style with our interchangeable magazine inserts, available separately here!

Extensions also available separately for full size, compact, and sub-compact models here!

Glock 43 extensions can be found here!

G43X/48 extensions can be found here!
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Required some modifications but then it worked great.


The magazine extention looks good and installation was easy.

I ran into an issue when I loaded the magazine, it wouldn't load to the number of rounds claimed. It stopped at 19, making it only a plus two. Further investigation showed the follower was catching on the back of the extention. I was able to modify it so that it worked but for the cost that should not be required. Glock Store needs to look at the machining and internal dimensions of the extention.

After minor modifications it works really well.

43X 15


No problem with the 43X I now have 15 rounds full. Pretty to shot with overall good buy