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Double Diamond MDT (Magazine Disassembly Tool)

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This is, without a doubt, the easiest, fastest and best way to remove magazine base plates from your standard Glock Magazines.

We like to say that it is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Watch the video now!
The M.D.T., Magazine Disassembly Tool, is machined in the USA from billet aluminum and is a multipurpose tool that also doubles as a bottle opener! Of course, that was a secondary use incorporated by Lenny Magill for fun. The main purpose is to assist you in removing the base plate from your Glock magazines. We like to say that it is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1) Grasp the magazine body with one hand. Insert post into the hole at the bottom of the magazine base plate with the other hand.

2) Place thumb on top of magazine base plate to capture spring. Keep magazine pointed in a safe direction at all times.

3) Rotate wrist down. Make sure your thumb stops the magazine spring from launching out of the magazine body. Continue to push the base plate off the magazine body.

The MDT makes it very easy to remove the magazine base plate. Always wear safety glasses when using the MDT to remove the magazine base plate. Always keep the magazine pointed away from your face and away from others standing close by. Always be prepared to capture the spring with your thumb as you slide the magazine base plate off of the magazine body.

And, when all the guns are put away and you have time to relax, the M.D.T. will also double as a nifty bottle opener!

Either way, you'll love the M.D.T.

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Nice tool

by -

It helped me take off the base plate to my stock 15rd mag to add a pinky plate. I just wish that the instructions were a little more clear about having to use some force. They make it sound like it just slides off. After struggling a bit, I ended up watching a video from Glockstore and the gentlemen used some force to pop off the plate. I'm not sure you need this tool as the gentlemen in the video used a screwdriver.

Great tool, makes life easier! :)


Makes mag disassembly a piece of cake.

Not mandatory, but a great quality of life tool. It'll encourage you to keep your mags clean.

Glock Magazine Disassembly Tool

by -

This “Double Diamond MDT Tool worked flawlessly for me, I used this tool on Glock 36 and Glock 43 magazines. It functions “EXACTLY” as Lenny Magill demonstrated in his instructional video, you will not be disappointed.

A Must Have for Magazine Maintenance


This tool makes it so much easier to clean mags or change mag springs. Absolutely worth it!

Indispensable tool


Absolutely indispensable. I thought I didn't need it, I was wrong. Made changing base plates a snap.

Worth every penny


I saw the videos with the punch, channel locks, C clamp, etc. but this tool makes Glock mag disassembly a total piece of cake. Do yourself a favor and just buy it.