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+6/5 Magazine Extensions

SKU: 2834
Extra Rounds / More Style!

We've added some design style to the new Magazine Extensions by GS/Double Diamond. These attractive magazine extensions allow you to add up to 6 extra rounds to your existing magazines. Each comes with an extra power spring to feed the additional rounds consistently every time and is designed with a very innovative system to secure the base plate to the magazine body.

The magazine base plate inserts are also designed for a universal fit allowing for custom color combinations, and increased style and functionality, available separately here.

We encourage you to watch the video for a complete installation demonstration.

Available for the following models:
  • G17/22/31 - +6 9mm / +5 .40cal/.357
  • G19/23/32 - +5 9mm / +4 .40cal/.357
  • G26/27/33 - +5 9mm / +4 .40cal/.357

Customize your look and style with our interchangeable baseplates, available separately here!

Also available in a +2 model for the Glock 43 found here.

Sold separately or pre-installed on the magazine of your choice… go here to save on the combo!

Need the right tool for swapping out your factory base plates?
Click Here
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+5 All Day Long!!


Love the design and feel of the mag extension! +5 on my Glock 19 Gen 5 just as advertised. Thanks guys, I will certainly purchase a few more from the Glock Store.

Provided Spring Extension Issues


The spring that came in the package for the extended mag for the 19 was to wide. Not fitting correctly inside the magazine. the factory spring is a little shorter but seems to be feeding fine even with the extension.