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Double Diamond +5/4 Magazine Extensions

SKU: 2834

Extra Rounds / More Style!

We've added some design style to the new Magazine Extensions by GS/Double Diamond. These attractive magazine extensions allow you to add up to 5 extra rounds to your existing magazines. Each comes with an extra power spring to feed the additional rounds consistently every time and is designed with a very innovative system to secure the base plate to the magazine body.

The magazine base plate inserts are also designed for a universal fit allowing for custom color combinations, and increased style and functionality, available separately here.

We encourage you to watch the video for a complete installation demonstration.

Available for the following models:
• G17/22/31 - +5 9mm / +4 .40cal/.357
• G19/23/32 - +5 9mm / +4 .40cal/.357
• G26/27/33 - +5 9mm / +4 .40cal/.357
• Big Stick 9mm - +5 9mm

Please Note: The Big Stick 9mm Extension is designed to replace the factory extension on the Glock Factory Big Stick 33rd 9mm Magazine. This extension includes an extra power replacement spring and will increase your capacity to 36 rounds.

Also Note:These extensions will work with most aftermarket magwells. However, the retaining pin will need to be adjusted to prevent scratching/marring of your magwell.

Final Note: These extensions will NOT work with the 10 rd. mags sold for CA, NYC, etc., etc.

Customize your look and style with our interchangeable baseplates, available separately here!

Also available in a +2 model for the Glock 43 found here.

Sold separately or pre-installed on the magazine of your choice … go here to save on the combo!

Need the right tool for swapping out your factory base plates?Click Here

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+5 All Day Long!!


Love the design and feel of the mag extension! +5 on my Glock 19 Gen 5 just as advertised. Thanks guys, I will certainly purchase a few more from the Glock Store.

Provided Spring Extension Issues


The spring that came in the package for the extended mag for the 19 was to wide. Not fitting correctly inside the magazine. the factory spring is a little shorter but seems to be feeding fine even with the extension.

Quality looks good, packaging says +5/4 though


It says +6/5 on the site but the 2 gold extensions I received in the mail say +5/4. Did I receive the right one? I don't see any +5/4 on your site so I'm assuming it's just mislabeled.

Not meant for 10rnd magazine but will work with stock spring


This magazine extension is meant for non 10rnd magazine due to the 10rnd magazine spring being thinner, but as noted from the other reviewer....it will fit with stock spring and cycle properly.

Top quality, top notch performance!


I really like these extensions! Not only do they work on the MaPul magwell (half the price of these extensions!) but seem to balance my 17 better than it was. Going to by a few more for the 17 and my 23 with the extra Briley .357 and .40 barrels. I have .357 and .40 magazines so this should be a good test all around for them.



I want to start off by saying they look amazing, I order three different colors, red, black and silver. Two out of the three I ordered work flawlessly. Only one the spring gets stuck in the bottom of the mag. Ive tried it in four different mags with the same result. I contacted customer service and they were very helpful, they are sending me a new spring.

Amazing and easy!


Wow was I wound up when the package came! I've been watching Lenny for a while and have wanted to get some of the goodies. I was on cloud 9 when I opened the box. This mag extension looks just like I thought...straight gun porn! It was awsome! It took me longer to get the stock base plate off than it did to attach the extension. Of course I got the gold. Talk about bling! I haven't had a chance to use it as I was visiting my Arizona residence and had to go back to the Communist State of California, so all my gear had to stay behind.(sad face emoji). It installed so easy it was rediculious. Now that I know I can change the base plate colors, I'll order all gold bases and color code the plates. I'm beyond giddy. GOD bless Arizona, GOD bless Lenny and Glock Store, GOD bless President Trump, and GOD bless the United States of America. Just so everyone knows, My county in AZ declared themselves a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County! Thank you Glock Store for giving me hope and joy.

+5 not +6


Only giving 4 stars for the fact it only is +5 on my g17 not the +6 as advertised. Great looking product though, so I guess I can live with out the 23rd round

Great for EDC - added rounds and weight = 5 stars


I purchased +6/5 Magazine extension for my Glock 17 back in Jan 2019. Used it at the range for about 6 months and when I was satisfied that it performed with no problems, I started using it for my EDC (everyday carry) gun. While it does add some mass to your mag and that can add something to conceal carry, I have found that its easier to grasp than a mag without an extension. I also like the added weight; after you empty the mag the extra weight of the extension makes the mag drop better than with a normal mag. Combat reloads are aided by this extension. Since I have been using it with EDC. If the +6/5 is too much bulk I would go with the +2/3 version. Remember no one ever complained about having more rounds in a lethal force engagement. I will by more of these.

Works with Glock 26 Gen4 10 round Mags


I got the gold for my glock 26. Not sure why people are saying this does not work with the 10 round mag, Using the included spring this works great with my 10 round mag while keeping the size of the gun about the same. Longer grip but still concealable.

Really good product


Really good quality. I got the silver color so if it got scratched it would be harder to see rather than the other colors. It's nice and heavy but not to heavy. I got it for my G23 and it looks really bad ass. It was really easy to switch onto my glock mag. It added the extra 4rds of the .40 like it advertised. So now I have 17rds in my 23 or 18rds with 1 in the chamber. Gonna be ordering them or all my glock mags

Glock 26 gen 5 +6


This is a great extension for my glock 26 gen 5 mag. Mag extension came with everything including new mag spring. Install was easy and straight forward. I was able to load 16 9mm into my mag w/extension. This total met and exceeded my expectations.

Easy to install and no mod is really needed!


These are a great addition to your Glock magazine. Easy to install- you can watch videos as no instructions are included. The correct wrenches are included. . Note that you can leave the plastic tabs on if you want. Just insert one side and pop the extension on. You do not need the original spring or base plate parts- just put them away for spares. This would also be a good chance to upgrade the follower to the Gen 5 orange (9 mm only).