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+6/5 Magazine Extensions

SKU: 2834
Extra Rounds / More Style!

We've added some design style to the new Magazine Extensions by GS/Double Diamond. These attractive magazine extensions allow you to add up to 6 extra rounds to your existing magazines. Each comes with an extra power spring to feed the additional rounds consistently every time and is designed with a very innovative system to secure the base plate to the magazine body.

The magazine base plate inserts are also designed for a universal fit allowing for custom color combinations, and increased style and functionality, available separately here.

We encourage you to watch the video for a complete installation demonstration.

Available for the following models:
  • G17/22/31 - +6 9mm / +5 .40cal/.357
  • G19/23/32 - +5 9mm / +4 .40cal/.357
  • G26/27/33 - +5 9mm / +4 .40cal/.357

Customize your look and style with our interchangeable baseplates, available separately here!

Also available in a +2 model for the Glock 43 found here.

Sold separately or pre-installed on the magazine of your choice… go here to save on the combo!

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