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Gen 5 Glock Magazine Follower

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SKU: 6307

This product is currently out of stock and on backorder. While it has NOT been discontinued, current supply chain issues make fulfillment predictions difficult. You may order now to secure your place in line for this item. We will NOT bill your credit card until we are ready to ship your product.

Gen5 Glock Magazine Follower. Will fit and function in Gen 1-5 9mm magazines.

PLEASE NOTE: Does not fit Glock 43 magazines or 10 round G17/19 magazines. 

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Glock hits Home Run with Orange Followers


I've already replaced about 50 of my 9mm black followers with these new #7 orange ones and will be ordering more soon. They snap onto the magazine springs and fit my Gen3 and Gen4 magazines very well with no problems. I'm very pleased with how they look, function and the safety aspect they provide by quickly identifying an empty magazine.

I am very pleased product

by -

Work very good I am very happy with the product thanks you

#7 Follower


Ordered ten orange factory followers for an upgrade and was happy to see I received the latest ones marked #7. Simple upgrade.

Working real good

by -

Have installed these on all my Glock 9 mm mags and love the heck out of

Great for visually separating your magazines


Being a residence of the People's Sanctuary Republic of California, I have a bunch of ten-round magazines. When the courts granted us our God-given rights, I bought some full-capacity G19 and G17 mags for training and competition. This resulted in a bag of magazines that all looked pretty much the same. Putting the orange follower in my full-capacity mags allows me instantly to distinguish them from the restricted magazines.


by -

Nice fit on my Gen 3 mag. You wont be disappointed. Easy installation, and you can see much better on how many rounds you have left. Awesome product.