Glock 45 Gen5 9mm

$539.00 to $699.95
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The Glock 45 improves upon the "crossover" design with its Gen5 flared magwell and forward slide serrations.

Looking for something a little more advanced? Want to take shooting Fast and Accurately to the next level… out of the box?!

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Following the release of the 19X, the Glock 45 is the second Glock handgun in the "Crossover" style. Combining the 19X design with a true Gen 5 frame and forward slide serrations, the G45 is built to Glock Perfection.

The traditional black slide features the nPVD finish which provides improved resistance to corrosion, chemicals, and the elements; as well as the Gen5 Glock Marksman Barrel for enhanced accuracy and consistency.

Comes in the standard Glock logo case, with 3 17-round magazines (10-round magazines where restricted).

Please note the following:
No discounts are available on the purchase of Glock factory handguns.

Firearms must be shipped via FedEx Overnight, to your selected FFL. This is a flat rate, $40 charge which includes insurance.

Not available for export outside the United States.

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Love it.


As usual not disappointed at all. Another good Glock product.Shoots real nice.

Love it!!!!!


Absolutely love this pistol! Handles beautifully!!!!! I'm not one to like recoil and this has very little.

More Glocks to buy!


my first Glock, Now my best daily carry,extra capacity,fits my large hands, with a pancake holster not noticeable, my only down fall is the tiny break down lever ,so I changed it for the extended lever ,now it's perfect.

Full size feel


First Glock fits my larger hand than a 19, but still get the conceal comfort

Love it!


Over 200 rounds thru it in two weeks. LOVE it! 3rd Glock I've owned. Because I do not have "large" hands, I added the Talon (grit) Grip and qualified easily for the LE National Concealed Carry permit last week. (1st step: Draw and fire 2 to the chest and 2 to the head in less than 5 sec. from 3') In each group, the two rounds overlapped. My only complaint is that the Glock 45 (9mm) is so new that I can't determine which Glock accessories to purchase to fit it, (ie: extended slide release, Pyramid trigger, guide rod laser, etc}. Hoping the Glockstore will update the info real soon. Also need a video on installing the extended slide release. It is not the same as on the Glock 19 slide release video currently in use. It was a lot simpler on my Glocks 19 and 26.

Glock Newbie


My first Glock and I couldn't be any happier. What a great shooting handgun, now to buy the G45 MOS !!!

Glock model 45


I traded in my Glock 23 for the model 45. Best gun I have ever owned.

GLOCK 45 gen 5


Just picked up this glock the other day. Took it out for some testing. And the best results I have had in a while. This is my first glock. I have several other pistols. That are nothing compared to this prize. It is very accurate. Not much recoil. And if you wear medium gloves. It’s a perfect fit. I’m 6’3 270 and wish I would have bought glocks first instead smith and Wesson’s (no offense).

I'm switching


I'm switching to the Glock 45 from my Glock 17 for my duty weapon.

Glock model 45


Love the gun. Shoots great. Traded up for this gun and had a Gen4 Glock 23. Only complaint is the flared handle on the bottom. This really makes it difficult to rip out the magazine in case of a malfunction. I understand why they did it but do not agree. The easy fix would be to change the magazine bottom so you can grab it. Hint Hint Glock

One for each hand!


I'm recoil-sensitive and couldn't make peace with a Sig P320. But I love the Glock 45. The grip allows me to fully get the heal of non-dominant hand on it AND the low bore access means much less muzzle flip. No more low & left!

Great job GLOCK


Best Glock I have ever purchased. With just a few parts from the Glock Store made it even better. guide rod,trigger,black Ice connector and extended controls now its perfect for me.Thanks Glock Store

My favorite Glock


Glock done it again ,GREAT size and a lot of good changes.

A New Glock


I am sure it will convert to this handgun as soon as I can come up with the money

Young Marine Competition Shooter


I bought this product in use for my brother who is a competition shooter for the Young Marines, he spent 13 1/2 years in the program and is going to a national level using GLOCK and Sig products. Just shooting stock he made a remarkable 2.13 second time for 6 target acquisition. Great for EDC

Love the feel.


Outstanding! I have shot a 100 rounds so far and it feels and shoots great. Quick, smooth, and accurate.

great gun


Love it. Perfect cross between a 17 and 19. Really good gun for the money. It is easy to shoot and without the significant recoil, a gun that women appreciate also.



I love the smooth squeeze of the trigger and the accuracy

Best pistol I ever owned.


I own several pistols and this is - by far - the best. The comfort in your hands cannot be overstated. This gun is stable and comfortable in your hands.... many commented on this, but it cannot be overstated. Don't hesitate to buy this gun.

Glock 45


Great gun! Easy to use, nice to hold fits in your hand very well.

Fantastic gun


Fantastic gun shoots great carries great and feels good in the hand

Perfect !!


Exactly what you would expect for a Glock. Perfect !! Big fan of the crossover.

Great gun


Best handy Glock for sure



I love this gun!! very accurate, smooth and well balanced.. highly recommend...
OH, Also the trigger pull is FANTASTIC!!!

Great convenience


First new gun I ever bought. Always bought private party. Not sure why I took so long to do this. Glad I did. Love the balance of the gun all the way around. 150 rounds shot so far. No complaints or problems.