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Plus 4 magazine extension for Glock .45ACP

SKU: 2277
Add 4 rounds to your G21 magazines!

Machined from billet aluminum, this magazine extension is engineered to add 4 extra rounds to the standard Glock 21 magazine.

It comes with a special, extra power spring that is designed to handle the extra rounds. Simply replace your factory magazine extension This extension is used by top competition shooters nationwide and works flawlessly.

Order Online or Call Toll Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews

G30 fitting


can this fit to G30 gen4 magazine? sorry for this post, i just think this is best place to ask so next time i search this item i can see the reply easily.

Great product but a steep price


I love the quality and every other aspect of this product. I would buy 4 more of these but the price is about $15 too high. I understand the you need to make so much blah blah blah. I just think you would sell more volume (at least to me) if the price was reduced.

Great product!


I use this for my Glock 41. It has worked flawlessly with round nose and hollow points. It is a good quality product and I highly recommend it.

must have for glock 21


17 rounds of gods choice caliber....yes it's expensive, would always love to have it less expensive. isn't that everything? Seriously though, maybe in the 30$ price range would be great....but hey, if you're shooting 45 you got a few extra coins to throw around.

I use this for my 21 magazines for nightstand and war belt gun....I have four of them....after that, I think You should be running if you haven't solved the problem.

Great construction and well made....if you have a 45 glock you need this.