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Stainless Steel Competition Recoil Spring for Glocks

SKU: 1035

This part replaces the plastic guide rod that comes with the factory Glock easily dropping into place in seconds ... no gunsmithing required.

For Generation 1, 2, and 3 Glocks — Made in USA
This performance part will fit Generation 1, 2 & 3 guns and will last longer and provide better cycling action than the factory plastic part. It comes fully assembled and complete with the spring already captured on the the Stainless Steel Guide Rod — just drop it into your GLOCK — no gunsmithing required!

If you're not hand loading your ammunition or shooting notable light loads or hot loads from a recognized manufacturer, we suggest you select the factory weight spring.

Factory Spring Tensions:
• G17/17L/22/24/31/34/35/35 = 17lbs
• G20/20SF/21/21SF = 17lbs
• G19/23/32 = 18lbs

If you are shooting a ported or compensated barrel or using a suppressor, we suggest you select a lighter spring weight. Likewise, if you are shooting light loads or wish to have a slide that takes less force to cycle (i.e., you have arthritis or other disabilities or don't have the strength) you may wish to select a lighter weight spring. Please call us for professional guidance.

This Gen 3 Guide Rod will function in Gen 4 Glocks by utilizing a Gen4 Recoil Assemly Adaptor Ring - SKU #1113.

Please read before calling:

If you're not handloading your ammunition, or shooting notably light, or hot loads from the factory, it is advised you stay with the factory spring weight for your Glock. A lesser weight spring can be used with low power loads, vice versa with high power loads.

These guide rods will not function in sub-compact Glocks (i.e. Glocks 26, 27, 30, etc.). Those weapons utilize a dual-spring guide rod system.

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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A must have!!!


I was not really sold on adding an aftermarket guide rod, but after watching my better half at the range with her glock 17 I thought it would be worth a shot. I ordered her the SS guide rod with 17lb spring. My girlfriend loves the way the gun cycles and even though the weight difference is not as major as the tungsten guide rod, it has helped with the recoil and placing her sights more comfortably. This was my first order with the glockstore along with the metallic pin extended control kit. The shipping was fast and they had great communication thought the entire process.

spring Guide


Thank for your Helpful spring selector Guide

Cool, but small problem at first


Nice construction, well made and almost dropped right in. Had issues compressing the spring at first. Using a little force, I was able to break free the retaining washer. I noticed a bit of loctite on the guide rod against the bottom of the retention screw. This was catching the washer, not letting it move. I scraped the residue off and it works fine now. Might want to look into that, or warn customers. I thought it was broken at first.

Awesome upgrade


Very happy dropped into place no problem. I did notice it wasn't color coated for different spring weights and had a retaining washer that is not shown in the picture. After seeing this I thought to weigh it on my digital scale and it weighed 25.6 grams so I took the assembly to work and weighed it on the digital paint scale and got the same weight 25.6 not 28.3 as advertised. Even though I am very satisfied with the part works flawlessly in my gun after several hundred rounds. I would highly recommend this upgrade.

What's up with the lock tight?


Seems to fit good havent shot it yet, only reason for the 4stars was because of what was previously commented on, they had red lock tight on the end that goes into the frame, I had to lube the crud out of it and work it for awhile before I got a smooth recoil feel. It seems to operate by hand fine now, but I'll put it to the test tomorrow, if it works fine my review will change to 5stars.. if it has any issues itll go down from 4

Glock and FBI, are you listening?


Moving up to a 20lb recoil spring on the .40 S&W G22 eliminates the high-velocity slide-to-frame battering and the FTFs that happen when a light is mounted on a Gen 3 rail. These problems are caused by the inadequate 17 lb recoil spring that is shared with the 9mm G17. It also reduces felt recoil. Adding the weight and rigidity of a stainless guide rod is a nice bonus.



Very well made and appears to be made from good quality material. Is better than the OEM Glock recoil spring assembly and improved my custom G17 build.

Nice Upgrade


I received the 17lbs. "Competition Recoil Spring" for my Glock 17, Gen 4. It was cleaned and lubricated then installed it into my pistol with no problems. The Gen 4 requires an "Adapter Ring". When cycling the Slide Assembly by hand, it appeared to be rubbing as I felt and heard a slight grinding/rubbing. I then checked the slide, lower frame housing, and barrel, finding no issues. Spring was rubbing along the the guide rod.

I shot over 100 rounds (medium powder charge). It performed flawlessly. Casing ejections were good, round clambering was excellent, and it appeared that the recoil had slightly diminished.

Coming from the holster my controlled pairs were accurate. Also, while performing tactical speed drills, I was able to consistently acquire targets quickly and deliver accurate shots (15 yards).

Overall, I am very pleased with the performance of the "Competition Recoil Spring".

Glock Perfection at it's best from the Glock Store!


18lb stainless steel competition guide rod for gen 3 G19... Not only was it delivered a day early it is a must have for any Glock handgun. I can feel a difference/improvement in the overall balance of my 19 in my hands. Can't wait to put some rounds through it.