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Thug Plug

SKU: 1105
Extra weight in your grip helps balance gun for faster shooting.

Fits Full and Mid-Sized Frames Only.

One of the main advantages of our Competition Magazine Well is the added weight to the bottom of the frame.

Competition shooters have known for years that this weight helps one "drive" the gun faster... especially for polymer framed Glocks. Over the years we've had a lot of requests for a weighted grip frame insert so I decided to release these in a limited run to supply this demand.

Machined in our own shop in San Diego, CA from brass and then coated in black oxide. Helps prevent grit and grime from entering the frame and provides a nice, finished look.

Check out the video!

• Fits flush in to the frame and held in place with a set screw that sits flush with the frame.
• Extra weight will help balance the Glock and enable you to drive the gun faster!
• Available for all Full- and Mid-size Glocks Only....Gen1,2,3 and Gen 4. The Gen 4 version will also work in Gen 5 models.
Please note: The Thug Plug will only fit into your Gen4 or Gen5 Glock in the +0 configuration. It will not fit when the additional +2 and +4 back straps are installed.

Please Note: Weight of the Plug will vary depending on model, typical weights are as follows:

17/22/24/31/34/35/37 - G1 Thru G3 - 2.38oz
17/22/24/31/34/35/37 - Gen4 - 2.31 oz
19/23/32 - G1 Thru G3 - 2.09oz
19/23/32 - Gen4 - 1.96 oz
20SF/21SF - G1 Thru G3 - 1.49oz
20/21- G1 Thru G3 - 1.74 oz
20/21 - Gen4 - 1.66oz

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Ratings & Reviews

13 reviews

Good investment!


Purchased the Thug Plug & notice a big difference on the weight on my Glock 22. Ever since I added the thug plug, along with a heavy tungsten guide rod, with a weapon light attachment, kinda feels like I'm shooting a 9mm because of all that weight reducing the recoil. To me, it's one of the best investment that I ever did for my Glock! Again, Thank You Glockstore!

Definitely Helps


Have a Glock 35 .40 Cal. Was just a little snappy. Installed the Heavy Tungsten Guide Rod and also installed the Thug Plug. What a difference. Dramatically improves muzzle control and reduces felt recoil. Much faster follow-up shots. Totally improves confidence.



I was currently running the Thug Plug on my G22 along with a heavy tungsten guide rod and a streamlight tlr-1 weapon light. And all that Weight really helped a lot with the recoil. I Was able to get tighter patterns on my "double-taps" as well.
So I decided to run all that on my G17 & the recoil felt flawless! Even though it ain't that much recoil on the 9mm but It really helped out even More. The thug plug can really make a weight difference on your Glock frame, specially for its size.
Even If you remove the slide & just have the frame itself with the thug plug and the streamlight TLR-1 attached to it, place your finger in the middle where the trigger is set (after its pulled) and you will have a balance frame. Having a Glock frame that is balanced and weighted, equals better accuracy!
So if you want the weight on your gun frame but want to avoid having those giant magwell or the smaller magwell version but not pay a high price for them, then the thug plug will do!

Made a difference


The muzzle rise on my G23 was a bit much. I changed the recoil spring, put in a Double Diamond ported barrel and a thug plug. The thug plug adds some nice balance to the weight of the pistol. In my opinion it's a must have for Glock owners.



Purchased this product to help with double/triple taps and must say I love it.. The feel is so much better and easier to use, although I only shoot a 9mm it is a 19 so little snappier than 17. This did exactly want I wanted if you own a Glock regardless of model you need this on your gun. You'll thank me for it :-)

Works Great!!!!!


Got one for my G19 and I love it does exactly what it's supposed to do. Balances out the weight in your hand. Wish they made one fore the 43. Hopefully in the future it will be available.

Thug plug


Undoubtedly a great addition for my Glock 22. I immediately went online to purchase another for my Glock 17 and they had increased the price by five dollars. This part was already expensive at 24.95. The Glock store prices are crazy expensive and not competitive at all.



Dose anyone know if this fits a p80 g19 I feel like the lower is a little light wanted to add some weight to help some recoil

Nice, with caveats.


Bought two, one for my wife's G19 and one for my G22. The screw hole in the G19 plug did not line up exactly with the hole in the grip, causing the screw to crossthread. I finally got it installed but it was a bear. The weight does feel good and I will shoot it next week. I have a beavertail backstrap on my G22 and was hoping I could get that plug to work; no dice. Lenny's shop nees to make a plug that can be used with other backstrap configurations besides '0'. His shop, after all, is all about customization.

No back strap support but yankee ingenuity prevails.


With a dremel tool, a vice, some flat black spray paint and about 40 minutes I was able to relieve an 1/8 x 1/8 inch step around the top of this plug. That allowed me to use it with back straps. Why it doesn't come pre-fitted this way is beyond me. Thankfully it's made from soft brass and not tungsten. But really, it should come pre-made with ability to mount the backstraps.

great part


Perfect for what it is. Heavier than I was expecting, but helps weight distribution.

Great - Ecx


Great added weight in my Glock 22 Gen 4 but going to have to agree with my fellow reviewers on the lack of blackstrap capabilities. Especially if you’re using a 4mm beaver tail back strap that I feel is essential with a compact or sub-compact guns have bigger hands. Other than that great design and weight. Please make one for back strap use.

great product


definitely adds balance to my gun, does not look like the picture though at least for my gen5, it was much longer, which is great, goes higher into the frame of the gun and adds more weight, my only issue is its a bit of a tight fit, even if i took out the little screw holding it in place it would never come out, matter of fact its pretty much a permanent part of my gun now lol