Thug Plug

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Extra weight in your grip helps balance gun for faster shooting.

Fits Full and Mid-Sized Frames Only.

One of the main advantages of our Competition Magazine Well is the added weight to the bottom of the frame.

Competition shooters have known for years that this weight helps one "drive" the gun faster... especially for polymer framed Glocks. Over the years we've had a lot of requests for a weighted grip frame insert so I decided to release these in a limited run to supply this demand.

Machined in our own shop in San Diego, CA from brass and then coated in black oxide. Helps prevent grit and grime from entering the frame and provides a nice, finished look.

Check out the video!

• Fits flush in to the frame and held in place with a set screw that sits flush with the frame.
• Extra weight will help balance the Glock and enable you to drive the gun faster!
• Available for all Full- and Mid-size Glocks Only....Gen1,2,3 and Gen 4. The Gen 4 version will also work in Gen 5 models.
• Please note: The Thug Plug will only fit into your Gen4 or Gen5 Glock in the +0 configuration. It will not fit when the additional +2 and +4 back straps are installed.

Please Note: Weight of the Plug will vary depending on model, typical weights are as follows:

17/22/24/31/34/35/37 - G1 Thru G3 - 2.38oz
17/22/24/31/34/35/37 - Gen4 - 2.31 oz
19/23/32 - G1 Thru G3 - 2.09oz
19/23/32 - Gen4 - 1.96 oz
20SF/21SF - G1 Thru G3 - 1.49oz
20/21- G1 Thru G3 - 1.74 oz
20/21 - Gen4 - 1.66oz

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