X-Grip for Glocks

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The X Grip Magazine Sleeve is a simple yet extremely effective method of providing a better grip on smaller framed handguns.

Please Note: For Gen5 magazines, make sure to choose one of the Gen5 options. Earlier versions will not fit Gen5 magazines and frames correctly.

Please Also Note: Because the X-Grips fits between the bottom of the magazine and the bottom of the frame, they may not work correctly on pistols with aftermarket magwells.

Also may NOT fit Border Patrol Issued Gen5s. Border Patrol Gen5 Glock 26s can be identified by the flat magwell. If your G26 Gen5 magwell does NOT have an extended lip in the front, X-Grips may not work with your gun.

X Grip - The Softer, Gentler Magazine Sleeve 

The X-Grip Magazine Sleeve is a simple yet extremely effective method of providing a better grip on smaller framed handguns. It simply slides over the top of a longer magazine and fills in the gap where the magazine sticks out of the frame. 

XGRIP is made of an elasticized polymer, which means that it is soft to the touch. It feels great in your hands. It's definitely different and better from the original Magazine Sleeve, item #2046, in the way it feels, but the concept is the same. 

Please Note: Not compatible with Gen1 or Gen2 Glock magazines. 

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Ratings & Reviews

29 reviews

Great for people who want larger mags and have larger hands.


I bought the 17 to 19 grip. It works great and I love the feel. I have larger hands so I like using the larger mags but didn't like the gap. This fixed that. I would definitely recommend if you are going to use extended mags.

XGRIP with ETS 9-Round Mag for G43


This combo of the ETS 9-Round mag and XGRIP turned my G43 into a G43X (less 1 round). Much better than replacing my G43, and it looks and feels great! Thanks XGRIPS!

Great but


I have two of these, they are great but, both have broken, in different places. One was on my carry and the other in my safe on a mag. I love the feel in my hand but wish they were made of a sturdier material.

Very Positive Grip


Made my G27 grip feel like a G23 grip. No more pinching while training at the range. Very positive grip feel, more so than the +2 mag extension I use while CCing. My 2 reload mags are G23's.....now with the X-Grip adapters!! 👍👍