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Heavy Tungsten Guide Rod for Mini-Glocks

$69.95 to $79.95
SKU: 1039
$69.95 to $79.95

The Sub-Compact Heavy Tungsten Guide Rod is 3x heavier than the factory plastic and almost twice as heavy as the Stainless Steel Guide Rod.

Please Note: This Guide Rod will NOT Fit in the Gen5 G29 & G30. For the Gen5 version of those guide rods, click here

This item fits in and functions in both Gen3, Gen4, and Gen5 Sub Compact guns also known as Mini-Glocks: Glock Model 26, 27, 33, and 36. This also fits in the Gen3 and Gen4 Glock Model 29 & 30.

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The Sub-Compact Heavy Tungsten Guide Rod is 3x heavier than the factory plastic and almost twice as heavy as the Stainless Steel Guide Rod.

The extra weight of our tungsten guide rods for your subcompact Glock helps the gun shoot better and feel better. You'll be able to shoot faster and more accurately while reducing recoil and muzzle jump. It's a drop-in part with the dual springs included and captured on the rod.

Guide Rod Weights

Plastic weight=10.35 grams/0.36 ounces

Heavy Tungsten weight= 43.55 grams/1.53 ounces


Will fit both the Gen3, Gen4, and Gen5 mini-Glocks (G26,G27,G33) and 36 as well as Gen3 and Gen4 G29 & G30 mini Glocks. The guide rods for the Gen3 and Gen4 Sub Compact Glocks are interchangeable. Also fits SF Model Sub Compacts!

For most applications and just about all ammo, choose the factory weight springs. For lighter loads or reloads or shooting with a compensator or ported barrel or silencer ... choose the lighter weight springs. For heavier loads, self-defense, or hunting ammo ... choose the heavier weight springs.

Spring Weight Sets are available as follows, use the boxed menu above to select spring weight:

G26/27/33/39 — 16lbs factory weight
• Also available in 14lbs, 18lbs, 20lbs, 22lbs

G29/30/G30SF/30S/36 — 17lbs factory weight
• Also available in 15lbs, 19lbs, 21lbs, 23lbs

Our Heavy Tungsten Guide Rods drop in easily without any gunsmithing required. You can select the spring weight you desire based on your shooting style, ammunition used, and recoil management you require. The Dual Spring Guide Rod assembly is used in the subcompact Glock handguns.

Advanced shooters know that to get the most out of their gun, shooting style, and ammunition combination they need to test different spring weights for their guide rod assembly. You can actually "tune" the spring to your shooting cadence to allow you to shoot faster and more accurately because the gun action works with you and your ammunition. These are drop-in, high quality tungsten guide rods with captured springs in 5 different weights for your full-size guns and 4 different weights for the mid-size guns.

Made in USA by men who appreciate and know firearms!

Please read before calling:
If you're not hand loading your ammunition, or shooting notably light or hot loads from the factory, it is advised you stay with the factory spring weight for your Glock. A lesser weight spring can be used with low power loads, vice versa with high power loads.

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273

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Excellent little upgrade to improve speed and accuracy


Picked this up for my carry 33 Gen 4. It was a snug fit initially. The guide-rod bore in my factory slide had a little bit of a rough burr edge that kept the new rod from punching through initially. Worked through it by hand in about 5 minutes and now have a nice snug fit. I opted for the 18lb spring. My thinking being that this is my carry gun and I only shoot hot defensive loads with it. I also wanted the extra piece of mind of that extra 2lbs pushing and locking in the next round. At the range I can see some improvement. Repeat shots came instantly as I could regain sight-picture much faster. There is a bit of a reduction in felt recoil, but it is not substantial. All in all, I am very happy with the heavy tungsten guide-rod in my subcompact carry. It is just that little bit of extra, for when it counts most.



Nice quality and built much better than the Glock guide rod, I have no doubt that it would show in performance as well, I was going to hold off on review till I actually put a few rounds through 26 but I decided to change the build to a 26 Long and I ordered a tungsten guide rod for the 19. Wish I could say more but all I can say for now, it looks high quality and I'm sure it is!

Surprisingly effective at improving recoil management and accuracy


Smaller pistols inherently jump more when firing, making it harder to get tight groups at speed. The heavy tungsten guide rod shifts the balance so that the jump is more manageable. For me, it immediately resulted in a noticeable improvement in accuracy. I'd buy this guide rod again.

Love it but has one issue.


It is heavy and a nice product. My only annoyance is that the spring is loose/slightly too big at the nose (unlike the one I have for my gen 4 g23 that has a cover) so it is kinda hard to insert and remove at times. Otherwise it works great after you bend the spring in slightly so it doesn't overlap the front.

Noticeable difference


Could definitely feel a difference in recoil and not as snappy as before. More comfortable to shoot for sure but the spring is not as tight as the stock one as it always ends on the second ridge of the barrel, not tight in the first ridge like the stock spring.

Works very well, added mass to where my firearm (Glock 30) needed it


Just took out my Glock 30 to the range with the tungsten guide rod. I shot about 150 rounds or so, and the firearm functioned flawlessly. Considering that the Glock 30 is a .45 compact, I wanted to add some mass to absorb some of that recoil. I weighed the factory guide rod and the tungsten guide rod, with the tungsten one coming close to being 3 times the mass of the factory one (which is a given, one is tungsten and the other is polymer). With that said, I am pleased with this product.

Works Great !!!


Great Upgrade to my 33 Gen 3 !! Very please with the results, Notable reduction in Flip ..Highly recommended



Just took out my Glock 30 to the range with the 23 lb. tungsten guide rod and Double Diamond ported Barrel. I shot about 20 rounds of Hornady critical duty 220 gr. +P and the firearm functioned flawlessly. I needed something to absorb some of that recoil along with the ported barrel to handle some of the hotter +P round for in the wood protection here in Alaska as a backup when hunting or hiking. The weighed was not noticeable when shouting even though it is about three time heavier. It does not function with regular target round but it is a snap to change spring. I am pleased with this product and with the Glock 21 magazine installed you cant beat 13+1.

Gives me the control I've been after for years


I have to admit that I was skeptical when I bought this for my G27. I've had that pistol for many years and no matter how hard I tried, the front end would jump after every shot. Based on how much it moved, I didn't think anything would be able to calm it down.

When I'm wrong, I'm wrong and I admit it. This guide rod makes all the difference in the world and I am amazed at how much better the weapon handles. I also put one on my G22 and it makes a difference, but not as big of a difference as it does on the G27.

I can't recommend this guide rod strongly enough. If you want to double tap with a .40, then you definitely need this rod.

Does what it says.


Got the heavy tungsten guide rod and 18 lb. spring for my g26. Arthritis in my hands and wrists were making shooting the little gun uncomfortable. Simple drop in made a world of difference. Now it’s a pleasure to shoot the sub compact with any weight bullet or +P or standard pressure. The 18 lb spring helps reduce recoil and makes sure the slide goes back into battery. Couldn’t be more pleased with this upgrade. I don’t usually write reviews, but this thing does what it claims.

Heavy Metal!


The 23lb spring for the Glock 30 10mm conversion is the best option. I can still shoot 45acp with this spring so I don't need to swap spring each time I swap barrels. This will also be good for my eventual 460 rowland conversion. The only gripes I have are the "red" color is too dark; more like maroon, and the end does not fit through the slide opening that easily. Other than that, it definitely works! Get one.

Would buy again/recommend, avoid FedEx


Glock 30 Gen3, 17 lbs spring (factory setting).
The added weight makes this piece feel like it should!
No malfunctions so far and I recommend upgrading guide rods to all my glock friends.

-The product itself and dealing with GlockStore, 5/5

-FedEx taking 2 weeks to deliver my package that I paid for 2 day shipping on, with no reimbursement whatsoever? 0/5

Great Upgrade choice


These RSA’s really do make a difference with the added weight. I like them so much that I’m currently in the process of replacing all of my stock ones with these from the Glock store.

Looks great


Recoil is now much manageable , and the color is great!

Really helps in recoil management.


I bought the 23lb guide rod for my Glock 29 SF. I shoot hot defensive loads in this gun. If I wanted to shoot downloaded 10mm I would just shoot an 40 S&W. The additional weight really helps in recoil management and muzzle flip. It’s very obvious that it slows the slide down considerable. Empty cases still eject perfectly, but not as far as the stock spring/guide rod. I also ran some practice ammo through it to see how it would function. Zero problems with 100 rounds of range ammo.