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Checkered Extended Mag Catch for Gen3

SKU: 1308
Old school checkering meets modern design for a strikingly handsome and functional extended magazine release button!

Also available for Gen4 Glocks | Also available for G43

Please Note: Does not fit Glock 36.
Back in the 1970's and 1980's checkering the backstrap of your 1911 was one of the most important upgrades.

This was a tedious task only undertaken by skilled gunsmiths. Now, of course, we have CNC machines that can do checkering that is next to perfect. So, I decided to apply this old school look to one of our best selling items: the extended magazine release catch ... also known as the extended magazine release button. This checkering is strikingly handsome and extremely functional. Offered in six colors.

Also available for Gen4 Glocks | Also available for G43

Simple, easy installation ... please watch the video. Does not interfere with holsters. Makes it much easier to access and depress the magazine release. I know you'll find it a great value that will add style to your Glock!
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Ratings & Reviews

7 reviews

Mag release


Looks and fits great in the 30s

Good product


Works great but be warned that there's a strong chance it'll rub on your support hand. Mine rubs to actually a little bit of discomfort at long range sessions BUT I haven't had an accidental mag release while shooting (so far). I tend to grip a little harder in competition so we'll see if anything happens there.

Great for competition, but not for concealed carry.


Great extended item for quick change competition shooting, but I do not recommend it for a concealed carry gun. The pressure from being pushed into your body can cause the mag to eject. I unscrew the extension piece and keep the piece, the set screws and the allen wrench in a small zip lock bag and install them when I am in competition.

Not Perfect, but not bad.


I purchased this for my P80 G21 Gen3 and was surprised to see how far this release sticks out from the side of the grip. So I ended up getting a metal file and filling down about half of the back side of the aluminum button and a little bit of the plastic mag release where the two meet and screw in together. It still sticks out but not as bad as before and functions as it should. Overall, it looks great and worth it.

Checkered Extended Mag Release great upgrade


I was having a hard time releasing a mag with out moving my hand well out of position on the grip, added the checkered extended mag release and now I can drop the mag with out repositioning my hand just reach down push it and it's out. I can see why Lenny recommends the extended controls so highly they really make a difference.

Checkered and Extended Mag Release


To remove the original mag release, pull up on the spring a bit as you move it over. The checkered extended release went in easily. I have a Hand All sleeve on the stock of my 1st generation G22 with that and the arthritis in my thumb I had a hard time pushing in the stock release. Now it is a breeze.

Excellent Product!


I have a Glock 23 that I installed this item on. I also have a shoulder holster, a belly band holster. a belly pouch holster, an IWB holster, and an ankle holster. I've NEVER had an accidental mag release with ANY of my CC holsters. I've never had any discomfort issues. It DOES make mag release MUCH easier without hand repositioning. The ONLY problem I ever had was that I OVERTIGHTENED the retaining screws, and they stripped out. An easy fix. Using one of my Insulin syringes, I put a couple of drops of LocTite Blue in the screw holes and reinstalled the checkered pad. Problem Solved!