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Checkered Extended Mag Catch for Gen3

SKU: 1308
Old school checkering meets modern design for a strikingly handsome and functional extended magazine release button!
Back in the 1970's and 1980's checkering the backstrap of your 1911 was one of the most important upgrades.

This was a tedious task only undertaken by skilled gunsmiths. Now, of course, we have CNC machines that can do checkering that is next to perfect. So, I decided to apply this old school look to one of our best selling items: the extended magazine release catch... also known as the extended magazine release button. This checkering is strikingly handsome and extremely functional. Offered in six colors.

Also available for Gen4 Glocks | Also available for G43

Simple, easy installation... please watch the video. Does not interfere with holsters. Makes it much easier to access and depress the magazine release. I know you'll find it a great value that will add style to your Glock!
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Mag release


Looks and fits great in the 30s

Good product


Works great but be warned that there's a strong chance it'll rub on your support hand. Mine rubs to actually a little bit of discomfort at long range sessions BUT I haven't had an accidental mag release while shooting (so far). I tend to grip a little harder in competition so we'll see if anything happens there.