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Rectangular Aluminum Extended Mag Release

SKU: 1060
Made for Glocks to increase magazine changing speeds!

You can engage this snag free Extended Aluminum Mag Catch without breaking or changing your grip. And, it feels a lot better on your thumb! Highly recommended for all shooters. Will not interfere with concealment or duty holsters.

The Gen 4 magazine release will also work in the new Gen 5 Glocks!
This is an excellent item that will make it easier and faster to perform magazine reloads.

Because the push button is larger, you don't have to alter or change your grip to depress the Magazine Release button! That means you'll be faster changing the magazines and, also, you'll be faster and more accurate for the next shot!

Don't worry about metal coming in contact with your expensive mags, this is made with a Glock stock mag catch that has been tapped to accept the fastening screws.....this maintains plastic to plastic contact so you won't scratch or damage your magazines.


Many of our customers have enjoyed our Gen3 Extended Magazine Release Button and have requested that we make a similar product for their new Gen 4 guns. So, after some experimentation and trial and error, we developed a solution that uses the same two-screw Extended Magazine Button.

The button is extended towards the rear of the gun so that it is easily accessed without changing your grip. It is available in six different colors and will absolutely make magazine changes faster and easier. When you ask, we listen.....thank you for your suggestions and please keep them coming.

Available in Black, Silver, Blue, Gold, Red and Pink this item is machined in the USA from aluminum and easily installed in minutes! Watch the installation video above.

To remove a magazine you simply engage this snag free Extended Aluminum Magazine Catch without breaking or changing your grip. It's much faster and it feels a lot better on your thumb! Highly recommended for all shooters. Will not interfere with concealment or duty holsters.


Order Online or Call Toll Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Function is 5-stars, but finish is 3-stars


Easy install and I can now drop my mags without having to change my grip on my firearm. When I originally bought this, I was thinking that the extension made it stick out more, but it really extends it back further towards the backstrap. While dry-fire practicing, it didn't appear to get in the way or make me accidentally drop my empty mag. I'm hoping this will carry over to the range with a fully loaded mag.

The issue I had with it was that the color chipped off around the both screws. It does not affect functionality, so I still like the product. I just wish the color didn't flake off so early on in owning the product.

Looks and Works Better Than Stock


I bought the silver color for my Glock 22. It isn't difficult to install, but it does require a little patience to get the spring that holds it in place removed/installed. With a couple hundred rounds through the gun, so far so good. I have slightly smaller hands, and this release does make it easy to drop the magazine without needing a change in grip. Finish of the product is fine, which I'm speculating could be different depending on chosen color.

Works great until you have it in a CCW holster


It is a stock release with the two small holes drilled and the aluminum extension. It works great and I can manipulate the release without readjusting. The down side is that it extends so far it does not work with my conceal carry holster. It fits in the holster but if there is any pressure on the holster the mag releases. I have ordered one of the smaller one piece extended mags which I hope will work better for ccw.

Mag release


Functionality is great but the gold color isn't gold it's more FDE (does not match other "gold" products they sell