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Checkered Extended Mag Catch fits Gen4/Gen5

SKU: 1307
Old school checkering meets modern design for a strikingly handsome and functional extended magazine release button!
Back in the 1970's and 1980's checkering the backstrap of your 1911 was one of the most important upgrades.

This was a tedious task only undertaken by skilled gunsmiths. Now, of course, we have CNC machines that can do checkering that is next to perfect. So, I decided to apply this old school look to one of our best selling items: the extended magazine release catch... also known as the extended magazine release button. This checkering is strikingly handsome and extremely functional. Offered in six colors.

Also available for Gen3 Glocks | Also available for G43

Simple, easy installation... please watch the video. Does not interfere with holsters. Makes it much easier to access and depress the magazine release. I know you'll find it a great value that will add style to your Glock!
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Gives pistol a custom look


Great looking replacement for the stock magazine release. Magazine release is s much easier. Easy install after viewing GlockStore video.

Almost perfect


Good quality, only complaint is it isn't a snug fit like stock, or other aftermarket mag releases. If there is no mag it wiggles around. But with a mag its nice and tight.



Love the feel , not as shiny gold as shown but it'll work. Love the look of my gun now

Extended Mag Release Color


I like the size of the gen 4 mag release however, was a little disappointed about the shade of red. It does not match the extent slide kit red.

Best mag catch


I ordered this magazine catch and couldn't wait to put it on. From what I see it works flawlessly and I like that I don't have to move my hands around on the grip. It's way better than stock. I will go to the range next weekend.

Att southpaw


southpaw/lefty's beware as many of you leftys may know we live in a Right handed world.
if your left handed and you purchase this mag catch you will need to (file the edge of mag catch ) prior to install other wise it wil EAT up your mags , yes this mag catch is left or right side of gun useable but..... it is only bevaled on the one side (for left side gun use) a few quick runs of a fine file at angle will do the trick. other wise great product, reason for 4 star is for $35 there shouldnt be a need for modifaction to make it work properly

another must have for your clock, super easy to install.


This is another no brainer for any Glock, if you want faster mag changes you need an extended release. And Jen 5 to 5 minutes to change, very easy. The only thing the following on the edge pretty aggressive against my skin on my side. Just send it down a little and it was fine.

Little Pricey but Effective


Installation was a little bit of a pain but wasn't the products fault (Just how glocks are built in this department). The red looks great and my magazines lock positively with no play.The checkering sticks out just enough but not too much and feels great on the thumb. Good Buy



I have a glock 19 gen 5 MOS before i bought this it was hard for me to get my tactical reloads down because of the old one was not no good i could not get a good grip on mag catch and was not sticking out the frame far enough I bought this and i am now 5x faster at reloading definitely a must and install took only 5 minuets with a flat head screwdriver

Great Upgrade, Check Holster Before Purchase


TLDR - Love this upgrade, feels good, easy to reach and use. My holster does not cover the mag release so compatibility was not a concern. Check your holster before purchase to ensure compatibility.

The material is not the same as the factory Glock mag release but after 3 or so reloads you stop noticing it. Functionality wise I love it because it works well and is much easier to reach and engage for me. I use a Glock 45 (G17 frame w/ G19 slide) and run a T-Rex Arms Kydex light holster.

Great product!


Easy to install (watch the video). Now I can hit the mag release button without changing my grip on my firing hand.