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Concealed Carry Tactical Magwell

SKU: 2627
Low Profile Magwell designed for concealed carry and tactical use.

Helps with faster magazine changes and promotes a better grip!

Please Note: Does not work with 10 round mags out of the box. Please contact Agency Arms for more information on fitting for Low Capacity Magazines and Stippled Frames. 
Finally, a magazine well that is designed for concealed carry and tactical use. Competition magwells are typically much larger to assist with faster magazine changes. However, they tend to be a bit too large to be carried comfortably under concealment. This Tactical Magwell is a lower profile for better concealment yet still provides the benefit of faster reloads. An additional benefit of a magwell is that it promotes a better grip. The magwell gives your hand a consistent place to rest which helps improve accuracy. By gripping the handgun more consistently, you will be able to shoot more accurately.
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Ratings & Reviews

7 reviews

Great Magwell!


I got this for my Gen 3 G17 to use with Glock factory OEM 10 round mags, installed it and fit and function are excellent! Adds very miniscule weight, looks great, and is as shown in these photos here. When using with factory 10 round mags it is important to make sure the magwell is all the way onto the grip. It feels good in the hand, adds a little more purchase area to your grip. Recommended!

Glock magwell


The magwell is a great add to any Glock I have one on every Glock I own it adds weight to the back of the gun and it makes my hand have perfectly placement for my hand and a place for my pinky finger a place hold .

Looks great but not functional


I bought this for my G22 gen 4 and it looks great but there’s an issue. When I put the magwell on the gun it seems as if it puts to much pressure on the handle not allowing for easy insertion of the mag. Also it won’t allow the mag to drop from the gun, a full 15 round mag loaded will not drop when I press the mag release it won’t even allow my big stick 22round fully loaded to drop. There’s an issue not sure why this is but wasn’t worth the money with an issue like this. Also I didn’t realize that this magwell is from Agency Arms. Expected better from them I always see good stuff from them with Glocks.

Just as advertised


Watched Lenny’s video on mag wells, specifically this one. Ordered, installed and works GREAT. Not sure what a previous reviewers issues were but empty mags slide out with no issues. Tried multiple mags I own and they all eject fine. If you don’t have one of these on your Glock, now’s the time to invest in one. You won’t be disappointed.

Great fit and function


Purchased for my G19 Gen 4. Works great, empty mag drops perfectly unlike the mag well from another source. Going to get on for my G23 Gen 3. Hope that one works as well.

Magwell for everyday conceal.


Great addition to my glock 19 gen4 as a finishing part. We all know the glock frame is just not complete.. So this fills in the hole in the bottom of the frame and has a very good appearance in that aluminum finish..The fit up and install was easy and looks great..As for functionality it really feels as part of the gun....fits like a glove.

Feels great, functions well


Picked this up in-store yesterday. Had the chance to put this to the test today. Looks and feels incredible. Adds just enough extra weight/length to the grip to make my G19 sit incredibly comfortable in my hand. Minor issue I'm having with it is it seems like the magwell is preventing my magazines from seating fully unless I really slap them in there. Currently using the factory mags, so I'm not sure if it's an issue with just really tight clearances on the magwell/floorplate of my magazine, or whether I should look at possibly getting some slightly longer magazines. Regardless, I'm very satisfied with my purchase.