Aluminum Base Plates

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Sold as a set of two, these aluminum base plates replace the factory plastic Glock magazine base plates.

Available in Five different colors!

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Please Note: Does not fit magazines for the 42/43/43X/48
This GlockStore Performance & Custom Part is machined in the USA from billet aircraft grade aluminum blocks to create a precision fit intended to replace the original factory plastic magazine base plate.

The advantages of aluminum are obvious; stronger, higher tolerances, more precision fit, available in five different colors which can also be laser engraved with your name, ID number, logo, etc so that you can identify your magazine from the rest.

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Adds weight and style to your mags


These add a little more weight to your magazines for a consistent drop/reload. They look great, and the color matched the extended mag release and slide cover plate that I bought at the same time. Did not match the blue pin/slide release kit, though.

Easier to install than the HEAVY EXTENDED ALUMINUM MAGAZINE BASE PLATE, and these come with 2 for the same price. I did not have to shave off the tabs at the bottom of my mags, but I did have to squeeze the heck out of them to get these to get on. Also, the tab on the bottom insert (that installs between the spring and base plate) fits this perfectly, while the tab is too large for the HEAVY BASE.

Great Accessory for Magazine


I bought these.... they are outstanding.

Good overall


Great fit...tight......no 5 star because the outside edge at the back of plate has a very sharp edge digs into skin when carry concealed...not a very bright gold, could have been more polished

Don't Know Until You Know


These are very well made. It took me a couple orders to figure out that the "polished" versions are what I would consider "slightly" polished. No regrets but you should consider that the "matte" finish, at least in silver, is a chalky, VERY matte, almost white-silver. Knowing what I know now, I would recommend ordering polished in any color.



Get the polished versions. Matte is incredibly matte. Also, there are some other inserts that look like base plates, but you have to buy the DD extension as well to get them to work. They are gorgeous, don't get me wrong. I just don't want you to get fooled and have worthless base plates until you fork over $40 per extension. However, these plates are a FANTASTIC fit and very EASY to change if you've figured out a technique that works for you. There's a tool on here that appears to make things easier. I can't vouch for it because I've never tried it. But I've never had any problems with this site and its products

Good Plates


Wow what a fit! They look very nice but as usual if you scratch them you know what happens,,,aluminum streak . The only thing I have to complain about is the corners of the plates. They are very sharp and will dig into you more so than rounded edges. For love handles this can be very distracting as well as painful. I know I'll just lose weight and all will be fine.....