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Double Diamond Premium Replacement Barrel for Glock Gen1-4

$179.99 to $289.95
SKU: 1011
$179.99 to $289.95

Double Diamond Premium Barrels provide better accuracy and reliability.

Recessed crown, high polished feed ramp, tighter tolerances!

Twist rate for the Rifling in all Double Diamond barrels:

9mm - 1/10" Right Hand

10mm/.40 - 1/16" Right Hand

.45 ACP - 1/16" Left Hand

Please Note: Fits Gen 1~4 Glocks. Does not fit Gen 5 models. G34 Barrels ONLY work in Gen 1~3 Glocks.

Are you looking for better accuracy and higher velocity? Of course you are! Our Double Diamond Premium Barrels are manufactured in the USA and are designed to deliver all that and much more.

Each Double Diamond Precision Barrel is subjected to strict quality control processes to insure quality and reliability.

• Made in the USA by men who shoot, understand and appreciate firearms
• Will handle lead, jacketed or plated ammunition
• Aggressive and attractive crown — looks great, shoots better
• Mirror polished improved feed ramp insures reliability
• Mirror polished chamber and bore increases velocities and improves accuracy
• Precision machined from heat treated, certified, stress-relieved 416R stainless steel
• Fully supported, polished chamber is reload friendly
• Tighter fit than factory spec dimensions
• Match Grade broach cut rifling and deep target crown
• Fits Glocks Gen 1-4

Factory warranty will replace any barrels or barrel accessories which are found to have manufacturing or material defects. Customer modifications or the use of reloaded ammunition will void this warranty.

Please note: In-stock availability of our GSPC barrels may be limited. If your order is time sensitive, we recommend contacting us to verify quantities.

Not available for export outside the United States.

Barrels may only be returned if they are unused and in resellable condition. If the item is defective — i.e., does not function — we will accept a return within the 30-day period only.

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Amazing Glock Barrel!!


Just received my Gspc premium replacement barrel and it is 10x sexier in person!!! Very HIGH quality manufacturing and the recessed crown adds a ton of flavor to your Glock! And the accuracy is on point. Accompanied this with a tungsten guide rod and really set yourself off from others at the range and or competition! Very satisfied and highly recommend this Barrel!

Super Accurate Barrel


Took my Glock 22 40 cal. to the range today to try out my new D D premium barrel with a new steel guide rod.. WOW! I started off at 15 yards and I shot a 1 inch group of 15 rounds. Changed magazines and got the same result. Moved the target to 20 yards and got a 1 1/2 groups. You better get one, they are awesome.

Good barrel but be careful if buying for a Glock 34 with the slide cut.


Recently got this and it looks amazing, but the function not so much. The barrel would snag on the slide cut of a Glock 34 preventing the slide from returning to home location. Took it down to GS and I didn’t even make it through my explanation of the problem before the service guy already new what the issue was. Turns out the barrel was recently recalled for the problem I had. Anyway, he set me up with the new model and I got some extended controls installed and was out. Barrel looks and functions great now.

For those who want a good looking glock


Baught gs dd premium barrel for my 19 build love it

DD Premium Competes With The Best


Received the barrel and replaced the dasan 2 port in a G22, along with a 20lb Tungsten Guide Rod. I purchased the gold barrel and discovered that it has a satin finish, not the shiny finish displayed in the picture. Rapid fire from 15 yards resulted in 1 1/2 to 2 inch groups. 25 yards 2 to 3 inch groups, (slow fire). Downside it's a little pricey but very accurate. Overall this barrel displays a high degree of craftsmanship and quality.

Glock barrel


Just received my barrel for my Glock 19 4gen, and the accuracy is good.

Great value excellent accuracy.


I bought the stainless steel Double Diamond Premium along with the tungsten steel guide rod assembly and of course the are just drop ins for my Glock 22 40 cal. I was really astonished at the difference in accuracy and less muzzle flip. A lot more smother the gun would shoot . I highly recommend both these products together.

Smoking upgrade!


Awesome! Major upgrade over factory barrel in accuracy, performance, and looks! The quality and finish is second to none and the pictures just don't do these barrels justice. Reloaders, have no fear! These barrels eat anything from premium factory loads to hand poured and loaded swc without any issues and beg for more, all while keeping 1"-1 1/2" at 20yds! One of the best upgrades I've done to my gen 3 23.

Watch out Buffalo Bill!! I’m a coming! Lol


I recently received the Double Diamond as a Xmas gift..
Unfortunately, today was the first day with it. I consider myself an better than average shooter. Always practicing trying to group with 3” at 7yds. & tighten up even more. You know if it’s this barrel Wow I was grouping 2 1/2” at 7yds. I moved the target down range to 15yds and to my amazement I was grouping at 4”. This DD barrel is a keeper and will order one for my everyday carry. I was reading that barrel changing hand no effect on grouping they’re wrong it does. I had a gentleman next to me shoot a clip and he too was amazed! Thank you Lenny and group for your amazing product!!!

Beyond Expectations Completely . . .


Received a Double Diamond Replacement Barrel from the Magill's Glockstore and wow. It fits nice and tight, the machining is excellent and has a nice high polished finish beyond anything I could have expected. I hope to get out real soon and see how my shot groups have improved!

Will buy more!!!!


Took my p80 builds to the range, one had a brownells black nitride barrel, and the other a ss DD performance barrel…. I was hitting everything with my g19, I had a 90% accuracy rating with my dd barrel and a 70% accuracy with the brownells. I will definitely be buying more of these. The finish on these things are amazing, with they had the gold ones in stock, and had one that has that case hardened look to it.

One of the best barrels on the market


I purchased this barrel for a polymer 80 G 19 build. Before purchasing us I have never purchased one of Lennies barrels and was a little nervous I won’t lie. But after the build was complete went to the range to test fire this gun and I know people will say that you cannot get any better accuracy out of an aftermarket barrel then you can out of the stock Glock barrel. But I’m here to tell you that this barrel is spot on! I was literally cutting paper in the bullseye between rounds at 10 yards. ( rapid fire) So I’m giving this barrel five stars so thanks Lenny for such a great product although I wish you would’ve made the premium barrel and a 26

Worth every penny


I must say I doubted purchasing the barrel after reading so many mixed messages and must say I am glad I purchased the DD Silver premium barrel. I have shot close to 1700 rounds and no issues. It has performed flawlessly, my groupings at 10 yards are on point. I can literally put a bullet to the right or left of the existing, sometimes even hit the same whole. Not to mention the recessed crown makes the gun look sexy, with the Tungsten 11lbs guide rod and Night Fision sights is all I need. It basically came down to the KKM and the DD, specs looked promising for the DD and went for it, more of what I was looking for. This is so accurate I don't need the Optics unless I am shooting 15 to 25 yards, food for thought.

10 out of 10 in every category.


Spot on target Barrel!. You can.t beat the consistency of the grouping pattern. Have one in both of my Glock 43X's. Had a Kill List Barrel before, This Barrel out performs hands down. Worth the extra coin. I got the gold barrel color. 10 out of 10 in every category.

Just buy it


I bought this barrel for my gen 4 Glock 22 duty gun about a month ago. I’ve put a thousand rounds through it and I’ve seen a dramatic improvement. I got the stainless steel barrel because I wanted the contrast and now I can’t put it down. Tolerances are tight but it breaks in fast. Just buy it for and you’ll see for yourself. It’s just worth it.

Gold barrel


Have this barrel on my Glock 43x can’t lie it looks amazing with the crown end only think I I didn’t like it got scratched on the top were it make contact with the side but other than that it’s a great barrel