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Extended Aluminum Magazine Catch Fits Gen4/Gen5

SKU: 1112
Made to fit Gen4 and Gen5 Glocks and interchangeable for Right and Left hand shooters.

This is an excellent item that will make it easier and faster to perform magazine reloads. Because the push button is larger, you don't have to alter or change your grip to depress the Magazine Release button! That means you'll be faster changing the magazines and, also, you'll be faster and more accurate for the next shot!

Available in 6 colors, machined from aluminum, easily installed in minutes!

You can engage this snag free Extended Aluminum Mag release without breaking or changing your grip. And, it feels a lot better on your thumb! Highly recommended for all shooters. Will not interfere with concealment or duty holsters.

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Great magizine release button


After watching ytube that Glock store posted on magizine release button,I decided to try on my Glock 27 gen 4 which factory button was very difficult to release.I took the chance and ordered two one for my Glock 19 also.Great results, quick release with little effort.It took little time to replace ,it stands out just a little so you can press it easier.I highly recommend these,you wont be sorry.

Ohh Yea!


I have this for my Fancy Glock "not a daily carry" This thing is awesome for mag releases compared to factory. Haven't Carried with it but is a great product for use at the range.

Works as intended and eats up your mag!


Installation of this product was simple and functioned perfectly. My only issue is that the aluminum mag catch will start gouging your mags deep due to the sharp edges of the material. I enjoyed the look and feel, but I eventually switched back to the factory part.

Not Bad


Installation was not too bad. This extended mag release definitely gets those mags out super fast and easy. My only complaint is the the other end of the mag release sticks out of the gun when pushing the extension. It does hit my pinky on my left hand, but only temporary until I let go of the mag release extension button. If it did not do that like the stock does not, then I would have given it 5 stars.

This might be my favorite addition on my glock


This was a surprising standout for me when it came to the extended controls I put on my G19. This is perfectly sized for me, and it works flawlessly. It makes dropping the magazine much easier to do with my dominant hand. Not to mention it adds a touch of personality to the gun.

Looks good - but tight


The install was not too bad. Total time, 10 minutes. Looks Great... But it is hard to push. Put a drop of gun oil on it, and it did help, but it's still stiff. Hopefully it will loosen up after use...

Gen4 extended magazine release


I ordered one of these for my gen4 34mos on a Thursday and it was here the following Monday, the extension is perfect, I feared it would still be to small after reading it's only .75mm extra length but it's perfect I no longer need to adjust my grip to drop the magazine. Great product, great shipping time, and great customer service! Thank you glock!

great little upgrade


This is a great little upgrade. Thanks to Lenny's video, this was very easy to install with a pair of needle nose pliers. now it's much easier to release the magazine. Lenny's videos make me confident on all upgrades. I wish other sites were put together and were as user friendly.

Extended mag release



Extended Mag Release


Works great. Had to polish it with the drimal because it fits to tight but after polishing its top notch. Stiff but just a small touch and the mag drops no problem. 4-5 stars because out the package it was just to tight of a fit.

Great upgrade.


Great fit and finish. Works great! The mag falls out quickly no snags.

Great for stocky fingers


I bought this for my duty gun....looks great, and also is great if one has huge fat fingers like I do. I threw this on my model 41, and it makes reloading magazines so much faster and easier. The anodized coloring was a sweet touch.

Fits Great, Nice Extra Length, but shaved off part of my G17 Gen5 Magazine


My experience was the same as Don's from his 11/2016 posting (I had hoped they had fixed the problem). This looks really well made, should last forever. Fit perfectly on my Glock G17 Gen 5 MOS FS. Had a nice amount of extension, but it shaved off a thin strip of the magazine about 3/4 of an inch long and not very deep (looks like a scratch or a gouge) when I inserted the magazine. I have a picture, but I don't know how to post the photo. The magazine still worked fine and the extended magazine release firmly held everything in place, but like Don, I saved "scratching" up my other mags and reverted to one made of the original Glock material. I installed the Vickers one, which doesn't damage the mags, but it also doesn't offer as much extension as this aluminum one. I may try another one.

I also ordered and installed the extended metal slide stop from this store and it fits and functions perfectly. I highly recommend it.

Never miss your mag release


I got the silver one and it looks awesome. Took about 5 minutes to replace, the checkering is pretty aggressive and notice a little discomfort against my skin, Ii make so easy to eject the mag now. I highly recommend it.

Great, but not for CCW


Nicely made, fits well and works as intended, but is not good for IWB daily carry. It is extended too far. When I lean back in my truck or office chair, it presses agains the holster and releases the magazine. I had to go back to the OEM release. I'm sure it's great for competition, but not daily CCW.

Great Product. Wrong Shade.


Great product. A little skeptical when eyeballing it before install. It doesn't really look "extended". After installation, it certainly was. Functions fantastically. Only issue I have is that the finish doesn't match the extended controls kit. It really bothers the OCD in me.



The texture and feel of the aluminum over the plastic is night and day. Much more positive tactile feel, 100% love it.