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GS ESP - Enhanced Slide Pull Cover Plate

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Are you or someone you know having trouble racking the slide on your Glock? It happens a lot, we see many new shooters struggle with gripping the sides of the slide and maintaining that grip
while pulling back on the slide. Glockstore has a solution!

ESP - Enhanced Slide Pull cover plate.
This simple yet effective unit replaces the existing slide cover plate and provides "wings" on either side of the slide to "enhance" your grip and make racking the slide so much easier. Even if you don't have trouble racking the slide you will find that the ESP allows you to operate the gun better.

It's a simple, plastic part that is soft to the touch and makes racking the slide easier. Available for most Glock handguns.

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Secure grip for slippery hands


I have carried and shot Glocks for almost 30 years. (G23, G27, G43). When I got a G26 Gen 5, I was surprised how stiff the G26 recoil springs are. Racking the slide safely has been very difficult, under slippery conditions. Ordered this ESP the same day I saw it featured in a Glock Store email. It was simple to install, it is streamlined, and it provides a much better grip for racking the slide. I highly recommend this for anyone who has an issue.