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Ghost Glock Forward Slide Release

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Originally devised by Dave Spaulding, the Ghost Glock Forward Slide Release is designed to allow aggressive manipulations for positive slide releases and slide stopping power under the most adverse conditions.
Using the modern technique (thumbs forward) you can do one of two BAD things: 
 1. Your thumb can push UP the slide release locking the pistol open during recoil while ammo is still in the pistol.
 2. Your thumb can FORCE the slide release down preventing the pistol from locking open when empty. 

The Solution: The Ghost Glock Forward Slide Release prevents these occurrences by placing the slide release tab forward and between your thumbs! This forward thinking enables you to dominate your Glock! This part is made with the finest Stainless Steel. Fits Only 3 Pin Glocks.
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Bullet Forward Slide Release by Ghost Inc.


I am a left handed shooter and I love this Forward Slide Release. This unit allows me to safely and efficiently lock the slide open while gripping the pistol in my left hand. To lock the slide open I simply apply slight upward pressure on the unit with the middle joint of my left index finger. This unit does not interfere with my pistol fitting properly in my IWB Kydex holster. I highly recommend this item for left handed shooters