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Sure Touch Extended Slide Stop Lever

SKU: 2168
Extended Slide Release allows easy access to slide release without having to change grip.

Available in Chrome or Black

• One Hand Slide Drop
• Double the Surface Area
• Bulged out, Grooved Gripping Surface

Please Note:
The term "3 pin Glock" in the description of this item refers to any Glock 17, 17L, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 38, 39 manufactured after 2002.

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Sweet Release!


I've had this levar installed on my 17 for a few months now. This Sure Touch lever is well worth the money. Even though the orignal gen4 Glock 17 lever worked ok, the Sure Touch well out peforms the original. Sure Touch lever offers the longest lever allowing me to release the slide without having to adjust my grip and allowing me to reload a mag and get right back on target fast! Serrated thumb platform has just the right grip but not sharp to the touch, longer than any other in the market, large angeled thumb platfom easy to find and push for release, attractive polished metal finish, well constructed and thought out product. if you have to adjust your grip to release your slide or have a tough time pushing down the stock one then this lever is for you. I'll be purchasing another for my 22 next.

Perfect Solution


The sure touch extended slide stop lever is the perfect solution for resolving the frustration one experiences while attempting to manipulate the Glock OEM stop lever. I searched for a replacemt part for days and then I found the Sure Touch. The G30 is my first Glock (I'm actually a Sig Collector) and I realized Glock's perfection doesn't pertain to the stock firearm packages they offer, it relates to the design which simplifies exchanging stock parts for well thought-out aftermarket parts. I've already upgraded to TFX Pro Sights, Pearce Magazine Grips, Extended Slide Release/Takedown Lever, and Extended Slide Stop Lever. Still need to replace the Trigger. Rated the Sure Touch 4 stars as I wouldn't consider it a good value @ $35.95. I would have rated it 5 stars if it were priced at $24.95. However, I was unwilling to let the price dictate which slide stop I purchase, as I'm sure this product is the best being offered.

Purchased for Gen 4 G29


I searched the internet to be sure no other vendors offer a better extended slide stop lever for my Generation 4 G29.
There are other models available, including on this website, however, none offer the same amount of surface area for quick activation during a magazine change. I was required to alter my grip position in order to manipulate the OEM version. It required too much focus due to not extending out away from the frame enough to assist with positive contact. This was the second part I replaced on my Glock. The first part was the OEM slide release as I struggled with that during disassembly. Changeout time was approximately 2 minutes as the retaining pin had never been removed and insisted on being stubborn. Very simple installation. I believe Lenny M. made a video showing the changeout process.

It is certainly much larger than the stock slide stop lever


The lever is not only longer (protruding towards your hand more) it is also taller than the stock option. Both of these make hitting the slide stop lever much easier than the stock lever.

Aesthetically functional


I purchased this to match other silver and stainless aftermarket parts on my G19 GEN4.
This item fit the look I was trying to achieve and it functions well. I'm left handed and can use my trigger finger to contact the slide spot lever and lock the slide back as well as release it. Looks and works as desired.



I just bought this for my G21 gen 4 and it looked smaller than what the picture shows so l wasn’t too surprised at first. Then you install it and test it out and figure out it’s all the grip and size you need on top of it looking great with the gun. I’m sure the other options are great too just this one fits my thumb great and is a great look for the gun.

Nice but not perfect


Made by Aro-Tek
I have 4 with 3 installed and one not sure if I will keep the 4th or not.
Does exactly what it is intended to do.
Makes reaching the slide release easier but there is an unintended consequence when installing this.
If you are a right handed shooter and your grip has the right thumb on top of the left thumb then you will probably experience the same issues as I have.
The top thumb will make contact with this thing and you will inadvertently go to slide lock in the middle of a string.
So, what is the fix?
Change the grip to a top thumb under the left thumb much like a revolver grip or trim the thumb down or remove the slide stop.
Only when shooting two handed does the thumb make contact.
Also, in each of the 4 units that I have purchased, all had the wire spring bent outward thus requiring it to be bent back and straightened before it could be inserted into the frame.
Minor but a pain just the same.
For the cost should be better.

Great for a stiff new Glock.


I recently purchased a G30 Gen4 and I could not budge the stock slide stop. The “sure touch extended slide stop lever” made the slide stop work as easy as my other Glocks I have put thousands of rounds through. I’m glad I didn’t have to struggle through a break in period or resort to filing.

Actually Works!


Finally, a slide stop that actually works! Exceeded my expectations.

So much preferred the feel and function of the Sure Touch so I put it back on...


My secondhand G27 gen 2.5 already had this upgrade and I got the factory extended lever thinking that's what I had. After installing the factory extended, I noticed how I so much preferred the feel and function of the Sure Touch so I put it back on and saved the factory extended as a temporary back-up for if and when I'm waiting for another Sure Touch to arrive. I highly recommend the Sure Touch. Don't be turned off by the cost. It's well worth the extra Jackson. Also, the only time I had an issue of it inadvertently going to slide lock while shooting was when the spring was not positioned correctly. It should sit directly underneath the locking block pin for proper spring tension and operation.

Get it.


Love it. Works great. I have a sausage fingers, this makes it so much easier to use

Solid first mod for new Glock owners


I ended up picking this up for my Gen4 G17 and feel I've made the right decision. It absolutely has more surface area and is a breeze when changing mags or just simply working with the firearm. As of current, I've yet to have issues with the slide lock making contact with my thumb when operating, but I also have slender fingers, so that may negate the issue, overall it's been fine for everything between mag drills, the range, etc. It's a nice OEM+ looking modification that I feel was totally worth it.

As someone did mention previously however, the small spring is indeed bent outwards for some reason, and will need to be guided into the proper position while installing, I'm unsure as to how or why this is the case, but it is. A small annoyance in comparison to the benefit of the part itself.

No Brainer Upgrade


Great quick and easy upgrade to any Glock. Have taken it to the range and love the easy of operations. Definitely would recommend for every Glock, worth every penny.

Night & day difference


This extended slide stop was many times better than the OEM slide stop. It makes it very easy to lock the slide back and release the slide without having to adjust the grip. The installation took me only a few minutes and was fairly easy but I had to hold the spring against the lever a little bit since it was kind not aligned like how the OEM was when I pulled it out.

Nice, But...


Due on no fault to Glock Store, I cannot use this part. I am that guy that needs the ad to say: "NOT for a 2-pin Glock"

When I ordered this, somehow I thought it would work on my 2-pin g26 because the ad says "works on all gen 3's or glocks built after 2002". I had no idea that during gen 3 Glock went from 3-pin to 2-pin.
I did open this package and attempt a fit before I looked up info on glock g26 history and the whole 2-pin vs 3-pin debate. And yes, there are debates. Anyway, I hardly feel right sending it back. Stuck with it I guess.
So for those that want to know, this seems to be a quality part. It is silver-ish in color: the picture here is good in showing what it looks like. For me and my build, it doesn't match well with my polished stainless or chrome parts.
As far as this part goes, just make sure that it will work on your build, and be aware of how different the 2-pin and 3-pin are.

Excellent Choice


This release was installed on my G20sf and it has really made a difference on how easy it is to release the slide w/o moving your grip, particularly on this full sized frame. Heck, even the wife can do it now with that extra extension available. I put these releases on ALL my Glock's and people marvel at well they operate. I cannot figure out WHY Glock doesn't make these releases better themselves, but at least there is a solution to their tiny slide releases. Get one!

Awesome, must have for heavier recoil springs.


I have one on my Polymer 80 10mm, and will get one for my 460 Rowland. I absolutely love these releases. They are the only ones that seem to work with the 22lb+ recoil spriings heavier loads require.